Wearable tech once only existed in futuristic movies. Now it is everywhere. In fact, it has become so mainstream that it's now difficult to leave home without our Fitbit or Apple Watch. In this post, you will find what used to be fantasy in novels and movies. I'm sharing this list of amazing technological wearables, because I know techies love to stay ahead of the curve, so stay tuned for a bunch of cool, cutting-edge inventions. A majority of the items listed would come in handy if you enjoy exercising or traveling, but I also included a couple of gems that would be fun for family and work use. Stay connected!



#1. Cornetto's Commitment Rings

Show some SERIES commitment. A promise is a promise.

Cornetto's Commitment Rings

When you told your significant other you are going to binge-watch the latest series of House of Cards together, I'm sure you cannot be more serious. But then the show  turns out to be so riveting that you end up Netflix-cheating – which means you started watching new episodes without him/her. Did they ever get mad at you? Did you say that you could not help it? Well, the Cornetto's Commitment Ring is here to fix that addiction. When linked to a TV series on a video streaming platforms, you'd need the presence of two rings simultaneously to unlock the series. Just another way of saying "we belong together".



#2. Thermo Soles

Adios, cold feet!

Thermo Soles

You're now being presented with a secret weapon to wow your companions on a trip. Whether you are going hunting, skiing or camping, Thermo Soles are perfect for protecting your feet and toes. The most amazing thing about these soles is they can detect your foot temperature and make an adjustment according to their surroundings. They are easy to recharge and can fit any shoe type, which make them a must-have for explorers on the road. Remember to order some extras for your travel buddies — be the MVP of your team!



#3. Story Spark Cap with LED Lights

Let there be light.

Story Spark Cap with LED Lights

If you are already busy planning out summer vacations, here is an item that should make it to your packing list. Late night walks are my favorite, especially in the summer. My only frustration? Using a smartphone for light often drains my battery quickly, taking a toll on the phone's GPS capability. That's why I'm in desperate need of this Story Spark LED Cap — not only a lovely cap, but it also comes with three lighting modes. This is what I cannot live without to fully enjoy my time outside in the evenings. Freedom for my hands!



#4. Meta 2 Development Kit

Your own DreamWorks at your fingertips.

Meta 2 Development Kit

To all creative souls: for those who have complained about the limitation of tablet styluses and digital screens, here is a game-changing kit built exclusively to ease your concerns. In other words, it creates the virtual workspace that you've always dreamed about. With a wide view and direct hand interaction capability, the Meta 2 Development Kit offers the most intuitive process to create your masterpiece. All you need to do is put on your headset. Next, move your hands against an augmented reality background and grab/use holographic objects the way you'd use a pen or paintbrush. You can also collaborate with your team by inviting them to interact with your holograms. Just follow your brain!



#5. Moov A.I. Coach

Meet the personal fitness coach who is smarter than Apple and Fitbit.

Moov A.I. Coach

Moov can be your best friend during a workout. With the capability of giving advice, this is the A.I. coach who nags you to help you get the most out of exercising. It's more advanced than Apple and Fitbit wearables in that it monitors and analyzes your movement when you run or exercise. Then it coaches you in real-time to help you correct your form and minimize the chances of injury. No matter if you are on the road or in the water, Moov will always be there to walk you through and hit your goal.



#6. Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds

Music to my ears, please.

IconX earbuds

Listen up, runners and bikers: here's some magic beans for y'all — the Samsung Gear IconX Earbuds. I know it would be a cliché if these are just another pair of cool-looking in-ear headphones, but they are not! I'm talking about having music to your ears on the go. To be more specific, I'm referring to a ton of great features packed into two small yet smart earbuds. For music lovers, you can store up to about 1,000 songs and touch control them on the go without carrying your phone. For fitness tracking, the IconX comes with an accelerometer and monitors to log your movement, heart rate, calories and distance covered. You're also able to export data to third-party health apps. Too bad it's only compatible with Android smartphones!



#7. Ralph Lauren Polotech™ Shirt

Citius. Altius. Fortius.

Ralph Lauren Polotech Shirt

There is little disagreement that running with our phone in hand or in pocket can be burdensome, that's why Fitbit was invented. Now, something crazier. What is even better than wearing a smart wristband? Wearing no gadget at all. Though not a sales rep for Ralph Lauren, I respect the fact that the brand is taking wearable technology to the next level. With the cutting-edge Polotech™ shirt, you can dash freely like a plane before taking off. Your heart rate, breathing balance and other biometrics will be captured by silver fibers woven into the fabric. The tiny black box on the shirt would pick up all the data being tracked while you are on the go. Leave nothing behind!



#8. MICA Bracelet

Look matters.

Mica bracelet

While it's undeniable that the smart watch makers are truly innovative inventors at heart, most of their products are viewed more as a technological piece than a stylish wearable. For a female buyer like me, in particular, Apple Watch would not be able to go with everything in my wardrobe. I'd so appreciate something more feminine to dress myself up, and I've been on the hunt for ages until I found this MICA Bracelet. This smart bracelet is a collaboration piece between fashion house Opening Ceremony and technology giant, Intel. The sapphire touch screen and semi-precious stone combination sets it apart from all other athletic-looking gadgets. Have your cake and eat it!



#9. Ungaro x Omate Smart Ring

Life is too short. VIPs first.

Ungaro x Omate smart ring

Information overload is bothersome, yet spam keeps creeping upon us not just in emails, but also through wearable gadgets. We end up being buried in non-urgent matters. Then what? If you feel for me, come and take a look at this smart ring produced by French fashion house, Emanuel Ungaro and software design firm, Omate. By look, the Ungaro x Omate Smart Ring is a modern take on Ungaro's classic Diva perfume bottle of 1983 and comes in gold, silver and gemstones. By feature, it vibrates gently only if you get messaged by someone from your VIP contact list. Sassy and smart!



#10. Pebble Time Round

Finally, a smart watch that actually looks like a watch.

Pebble Time Round

Attention, girls and moms: for now you've probably heard everything there is about Apple Watch, so I decided to introduce something different: the thinnest, lightest smart watch ever made. Pebble has traditionally been known for its more heavy-duty smart watch lines, but you'll find it hard to resist this one. Why? It's all about the look. Pebble Time Round beats other smart watches in that it is so easy to style with. Its round interface and delicate design is perfect for pairing up with dresses and skirts. People would think you're just wearing a regular watch until you raise your wrist and start sending voice messages. Ready for another wow factor? To power this watch for a full day, all you need to do is plug it in and charge for only 15 minutes. Easy peasy!



There are so many possibilities when we marry technology to health, fashion and life. I've actually encountered more groundbreaking ideas during my research, and a lot of them are still going through the crowd-sourcing stage. Still, that leaves us excited about the future of wearable tech. I'm confident that we are moving toward an era where technology not only helps advance multiple areas of our lives but also pushes the envelope of human imagination.


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