With many holidays, I often feel stressed about what to give to certain techie individuals who practically have everything. They usually have all that they need or are very specific about what they like. Most of the time, it is the typical gift card that saves the day in these instances. Though practical and useful, they're not memorable gifts. To help ease some of the pressure, I decided to start a little early this year. After scouring the net, I came across a handful of cool techie gifts that were not only unique but also affordable (sorry, no iPad Pro). They are now shown here as our first Story Spark Techie Gift Guide Under $100 for everyone to share. Hopefully, there will be something in here that will be helpful in your gift gathering journey. Enjoy!



#1. Nomad Wallet for iPhone

Nomad Wallet iPhone Charger

Surely every guy has run into the scenario where the red battery indicator displays on his iPhone and with no charger or power outlet in reach. Rather than harass someone to borrow their charger or huddle near an outlet, Nomad has created a handy wallet that has a lithium battery embedded into its spine. All you have to do is pull out the integrated lightning cable from Wallet and you immediately have a charger in your palm. What's more, Wallet was carefully created to be as thin as possible - being no thicker than the average billfold. Ingenious!

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#2. Brik Book Macbook Case

Brik Book Macbook Case

Tired of that aging sticker that's adhered to the back of your Macbook? Want something even more creative and unique? The sky is the limit. You can now customize your Macbook with Legos, Mega Bloks or KRE-O! With Brik Book, making your hardware look cool is pretty much a no-brainer. Bam!

Get the Brik Book Macbook Case



#3. Satechi Type-C USB Combo Hub for Macbook

Satechi Type-C USB Combo Hub

If your techie has Apple's new 12" MacBook, she or he is familiar with the fact that there's only one USB-C port on its left side. The simplicity of the design is amazing, but it ignores the plethora of other digital devices that we've acquired for our every day use. Until everything moves to USB-C, one has to plug and unplug your devices one at a time - not efficient. So Satechi has released the Type-C USB Hub that allows three USB devices and a SD or Micro SD card to plug in at once. It's elegantly designed and comes in three finishes: Silver, Gold, and Gunmetal to match your MacBook. Productive!

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#4. KOR ONE Chrome Water Bottle

KOR ONE Chrome Water Bottle

One of my pet peeves is seeing plastic water bottles in the trash. It is so wasteful and harmful to our environment. Reusable bottles is the responsible way to go and why not use one that will attract the awareness of others? Kor's ONE is an awesome vessel that is both visually stunning and a pleasure to use. From its wide hygienic spout to its hinged "No-Worry Cap", this BPA-Free bottle has turned the heads of celebrities and won international design awards. In addition to the cool chrome finish, it is available in a number of different colors. I like this item just a little, if you haven't noticed. Hydrate!

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#5. Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Tetris Stackable LED Lamp

What techie doesn't love Tetris? With seven iconic building blocks, one can now play from the comfort of their desk all day and all night. Actually, you could already do that in its digital format, right? Well, with this officially licensed Tetris LED lamp, you can create your own customizable light sculpture just by stacking the blocks in an endless number of configurations. Build it wide or build it tall, it's up to you. Blockbuster!

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#6. Story Spark Yin Yang Tech T-Shirt


Balance is key. Yes, a shameless plug on our behalf. But hey, I honestly love these graphic tees and think that they are awesome gifts for the techie at heart. In this age of ever-increasing devices and digital media, we shouldn't forget to take a break once in a while and remember to relate to each other as human beings - face to face. This Yin Yang Tech t-shirt is one of our favorites, for it symbolizes the balance and harmony our modern times require. Breathe in, breathe out, input, output. Namaste!

Get the Story Spark Yin Yang T-Shirt



#7. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Whether or not your techie is a photo buff, he or she will be infatuated with the instant gratification of receiving a printed photo in a matter of seconds. The Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera is beautifully designed to capture a sense of nostalgia merged with modern conveniences. This 10 megapixel camera has an integrated printer that prints full color 2x3" photos without the need for ink cartridges. In addition, it has a fun photo booth mode that takes six quick pics in ten seconds. Zap!

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#8. Poo Emoji Pillow

Poo Emoji Pillow

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? This 13" super soft plush pile of poo is probably worth two thousand words and some side-aches. Emojis are becoming a second language, so why not bring them life as well? Toss this one on a techie's seat the next time they're late. Happy!

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#9. Greats The G-Knit Sneakers

Greats G-Knit Sneakers

For some kicks that are comfortable and understated, Greats G-Knit is a good choice. The upper half was carefully constructed with a custom knit that results in a breathable sneaker that has a sock-like fit. The lower portion has a molded heel counter and dual-density EVA midsole for stability. In other words, comfy and stable. Available in 3 colors: Cadet (navy), Cargo (olive green) and Nero (black). Breathtaking!

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#10. MOS Magnetic Organization System

MOS Magnetic Organization System

With every techie's desk, there's usually a mess of cables hanging around. What's super annoying is when you have to dig under the desk to grab that pesky cable that keeps sliding back and falling to the floor. The MOS Magnetic Organization System addresses this problem with an elegantly designed base that uses magnets to hold those cables in place. Mounted to the wall or suctioned to the desk, the MOS is a handy fixture that organizes all things magnetic. If there are cables that don't have a strong magnetic response, the unit comes with three cable ties that easily wrap around them. Attractive!

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I couldn't help but include one more gift idea that just couldn't be passed up. With the new film releasing this season, no guide is complete without one of these.



#11. BB-8 Desktop Lamp

BB-8 Desktop Lamp

Yes, we've all seen the Sphero BB-8 app-enabled droid, but a touch-enabled desktop lamp? With three lighting modes (natural white, amber, warm white), this version of BB-8 can help you work, relax, and get ready for bed without losing his head. Enlightening!

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