Hey < virtual assistant >, when are you getting back to normal? With everything turning upside down recently, it's so difficult to make sense of anything. Life keeps changing day by day. However, one thing that hasn't changed is the care we hold for our loved ones, family and friends. To try to regain some semblance of normal life is to think about others. Whether it's a birthday, an upcoming holiday or just because you're thinking of them, we've put together this gift ideas list for the techie in your life. :)



#1 Muse

Muse is a high tech research device that is developed on the latest technology of detecting brain activity and then converting them into sounds that will help the person to stay composed, calm and focused as well. This amazing piece of modern technology and innovation helps people to learn and master the art of meditation by rewarding them.



#2 Bose Audio Sunglasses


These Bose Audio Sunglasses are like the cousins to Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles. It is an ultimate music listening experience designed with class and perfection. The frame of the sunglasses is embedded with speakers in such a way that the sound can only be heard by the person wearing them. This is a dual role of engaging in the physical world along with staying connected with the digital world.



#3 Larq Water Bottle


This is a high tech bottle that consists of a water cleaning and purification system. It functions by using UV-C LED light to kill 99.99% germs in the bottle and water. The process takes around 60 seconds and keeps doing it every 2 hours to keep the water and bottle germ-free.



#4 TIVOO Pixel Art Speaker

This is a fourth-generation speaker with a 256 RGB programmable LED. Retro in design but with innovative technology that has a speaker that features weather updates, smart alarm, pixel chat, Bluetooth, cloud software, pixel art, led editor and messenger.



#5 Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo dog camera is not the typical camera. It notifies the owner when their dog is active and barking because Furbo has built-in barking sensors. You can hear and talk to your furbaby, see them on screen and even toss a treat. Talk about multi-tasking from afar or from your home office.



#6 Mobile Phone Jail

Sanidika Mobile Phone Jail is the best place to keep cell phones safe anywhere. It is designed like a jail cell and consists of bars and padlocks. The slotted bottom makes it easy to keep phones in standing position. Sometimes devices need to be locked for one's own good. With the kids homeschooled these days, having the phones locked away may help them focus on their school books.



#7 Nanoleaf Light Panels

Nanoleaf Light Panels is a creative and innovative wall decor system for the house, studio, classroom or workspace. It consists of squares, linkers, and a smart kit that lights up to music! Double size mounting tape is also included with the package. Rock on at home!



#8 Cat Selfie Light

While we have our popular Snapcat t-shirt design, this Cat Selfie Light is definitely a contender for cute. It is a small and rechargeable light that can be easily attached to a phone to give it that "glow." It includes 1 rechargeable Li-ion battery with a charging cable. Smile!



#9 Talking TP

With toilet paper all the rage, here is a fun way of modernizing those hot squares. Play a background sound, custom message or tone every time one pulls the roll! This device can be easily attached to the toilet paper holder with an on/off switch. You can record any message of your choice, and it will automatically play when the toilet paper is pulled from the holder. Give the gift of tech in the TP holder! 



#10 The Everlast Rocketbook

Here's a new innovative digital notebook with a traditional notebook exterior. It is infinitely reusable and is connected to all the cloud services. Neat, right?! A Pilot FriXion pen with a microfiber towel is also included in the package. To erase the content, a drop of water will work like magic and erase everything easily. Not to worry, your written words are already backed up in the cloud.



With the uncertainty of these times, we hope this provides a necessary distraction and provides some useful gift ideas for someone you're thinking about or even yourself. They are bound to make life a little easier and at least bring a smile or two. Also be sure to check out these techie gifts under $100 for more gift ideas.

If you have other gift ideas that you'd like to share, please enter a comment below and stay safe!



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