With Mother’s Day coming up, the last thing you need is to worry about what to get the wonderful mother in your life! Let us help you out — these nine tech-inspired gifts should help you narrow it down. Let’s get gifting!

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide - Telescope
1. Portable Telescope

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? How about a sky full of stars? This portable telescope is perfect for on-the-go stargazing, so Mom can keep her head in the clouds a little more each evening.


Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide - Briefcase Laptop

2. Briefcase TV

Movies and TV should be enjoyed anywhere — the living room or poolside, at the beach, in the middle of the forest… you name it! With this battery-powered briefcase TV, Mom can watch anything, anywhere, anytime.

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide - Showerhead

3. Speaker Showerhead
Help her take self care to the next level with a speaker shower head — yes, a shower head that doubles as a speaker! Whether she wants to listen to morning podcasts or relaxing evening tunes, Mom’s shower will certainly be upgraded.

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide: Tech-tastic Sunglasses

4. Tech-tastic Sunglasses
Step into the future with a simple pair of sunglasses that doesn’t just block UV rays — it takes calls, plays music, blocks ambient noise, and even tracks your health. These Revo sunglasses will make Mom the coolest techie on the block.

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide - Flowers

5. Birth Month Flower Bouquet
Real flowers shrivel and die, but this recycled glass bouquet will last a lifetime. Choose her birth flower, or just the flower that you think she’d like best!

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide - Couch Caddy

6. Couch Caddy
Never lose the remote or a handful of chips in the couch cushions again. Every mom deserves a relaxing time spent on the couch — what better way than having all her favorite things on hand, convenient on the arm of the sofa? This couch caddy can hold drinks, remotes, books, phones, whatever her heart desires!

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide - Hand Warmer

7. Hand Warmer
Warm hands anywhere she goes? Yes, please! This chargeable, portable hand heater is small while getting the job done.

Techy Mothers Day Gift Guide: Boardgame Backpack

8. Board Game Backpack
Girl’s night just got cooler. Mom can now tote around all of her favorite board games with this specialty board game backpack, which also has room for decks of cards, dice, notepads, buzzers, and more.

Techy Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Circuit Board Earrings

9. Circuitboard Earrings
Fashion, tech, and geekiness all in one? The perfect gift for any techy mom! Help her show off her computer savyness with these cute circuitboard earrings.

What are you planning to do for Mother’s Day this year? Don't forget to check out our tech-inspired womens graphic tees too! Let us know in the comments, we always love to hear from you.


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