Love is in the air (waves). There's a holiday for it and I am thankful for this Valentines Day. The cynical side of me will not win. My hopeful and forever optimist side will be the victor and remind me to celebrate the love that we share with our friends and family. With our busy lives it's easy to make an excuse and pass over this day (despite the commercial aspects of it all). The essence is to take some time and enjoy the companionship that only you and your Player 2 shares. This doesn't mean it has to be extravagant or overly spendy. With that, we've put together a short list of techie activities that can last for more than a round or two.



#1. Star Gaze

See all five planets Feb 2016

Yeah, that's right. Look up into a clear night sky. But let's not make it that simplistic. Pull out a blanket on the hood of your car, have a small basket filled with wine, cheese and crackers and share a single pillow and look at the night together. If you're in the northern hemisphere look into the southern sky before sunrise to catch the alignment of five bright planets during February 2016. For more instructions check out this article by: [Photo by Steve Pauken]



#2. Visit an Old School Arcade

Play at an arcade with a foosball table or video games

Yes this is another easy one. Take a break from MMO and head down to your local arcade (or at least a bowling alley or pizzeria) with all the classic video games or foosball tables where you stand up and play with your partner in person. See who can get to the highest round in Pac-man; who can reach the top floors of Donkey Kong; who can stay alive the longest in Dragon's Lair. See each other's reaction when you realize how fun this is when you're out and about rather than on the couch.



#3. Browse the Big Boxes or Thrift Stores

Browse vintage electronics

This could be the cheapest one of all, for it's a free entry to walking around your favorite electronics stores like a Best Buy, Fry's or the Apple or Microsoft Store. Browse and debate which of the latest gadgets has the better battery life or the best screen display - rather than clicking around online. Alternatively, if you're into vintage tech, check out the latest antique malls and take a step back in time together. Touch and feel these old treasures in person. Do you remember those things we used to put coins into just to call one another?



#4. Geek Out with a 3D Movie

Watch a 3d movie

Get a couple tickets ahead of time to see the latest and greatest flick in 3D or better yet, 3d + IMAX. Lean back in those stadium seated lounge chairs, wear the disorienting 3D glasses and nerd out with your +1 among a sea of other fellow movie geeks. If it's a scary movie, feel your body temperatures rise, your fists clench together and scream out loud to intensify the experience of everyone around you.



#5. Give a Thoughtful Gift

Give a gift to your techie friend or partner

Even if decide to avoid the hustle and bustle of a manufactured holiday, just give your special someone a thoughtful gift. Even if you're on a budget, turn it into an event worth remembering. Give your gift when grabbing a coffee, walking about in public, or with a simple meal at home. Regardless of the gift itself, make the time that you have with each other count. The relationships that we garner is truly what makes our lives meaningful.

Hopefully you enjoyed this simple list of ideas that you can do with your partner and will use them throughout the year. If you have others you'd like to share, please add a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!


Sun Kim
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