(Art by Simon Birch)

“Long you live and high you'll fly, and smiles you'll give, tears you'll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be” ― Pink Floyd


Throughout this past year (and still going!) we have been participating at various fairs and popup stores to share our art+tech designs. The experience of sharing the idea or concept behind each of our designs has been humbling and priceless. Personally I'm learning how to..er.. just talk to someone new...and to introduce our interpretation of how wearable art and technology can mix. It sounds strange doesn't it? I'm at odds just describing this interaction.

A big part of my personal challenge is overcoming the fear of simply talking about the design to a totally new person. Yes fear! It's not fear of death but worse – the fear of rejection. In my dream world, the design will speak for itself as I can stand by with a plate of cookies in hand. Because when I utter a word, I hear the devil on one side saying: "C'mon, you are not saving a life. This is just a shirt and no one cares." But the angel on the other shoulder is saying: "Yes, it matters to take the time to tell the story." Oftentimes, I take a deep breath and believe that somehow it does make a difference to step out, overcome those fears and possibly enlighten someone to something new.

I remind myself that the time and iterations that have gone into each piece is worth explaining. This is how this design came into being. When someone expresses an appreciation for not only the work but the effort, it is a relief and an accomplishment. It affirms that we're making a difference through our unique contribution. Thus I've gathered that it is always best to put as much thought into your work as possible. In a parallel way, when the design is presented to someone, then in that moment is when I'm trying to overcome my fear.

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is Seth Godin's blog. Check out Rejection (and the four paths). Rejection is out there, and if it wasn't, then the journey could easily come to an end. I certainly don't want it to conclude, as I'm learning to hold on and look ahead.


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Sun Kim
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