When we started Story Spark, we never really fathomed how magical an experience it is to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs - especially ones who were hundreds of miles away and whose products were the key to bringing us together. Thanks to Instagram and other social media channels, we have encountered so many inspiring brands and talented people. This was the case when we happened to connect with TechWears.

Upon discovering TechWears' circuitboard neck ties in our Instagram feed, we immediately became followers. Their mission of creating wearable art from upcycled circuitboards was fascinating and had parallels to Story Spark. Thus when Drew from TechWears reached out to collaborate on logo redesign, we knew it was going to be a great match.



Previous TechWears logo


To kick off an identity project, we began by getting to know the TechWears brand, its mission and what was effective and deficient in its existing logo. This was achieved by asking the TechWears team a series of discovery questions that helped provide context and insight that was not immediately clear. From there, key attributes that best described the brand and its long term goals were distilled - to become guideposts for our design efforts.



Initial sketches of TechWears logo redesign


With a better understanding of the brand and the team's goals, Story Spark began with creating some rough sketches that were built upon TechWears' iconic circuitboard neck ties. One of the key drivers for the redesign was the need for the logo to be applicable across a variety of different media types and at different scales - all while maintaining the brand equity that had already been garnered through the use of its hybridized "T" / tie shape.



Typography sketches for TechWears logo


Another consideration in the logo redesign was the need to rework the typography into something that symbolized progress and stability. After a series of iterative variations, we developed a clean and striking combination of letter forms that represented the brand's forward essence along with the ability to maintain its legibility at different sizes.



Refining vector file of TechWears logo


Creating the logo mark required a number of different explorations and variations. It not only had to convey two symbols in one (the "T" letter form and as a neck tie), it also had to work as a standalone badge. Ultimately we were able to develop a mark that was simple, bold and effective for the TechWears brand.



TechWears New Logo Design by Story Spark
New TechWears Logo Design (horizontal) by Story Spark


The final TechWears logo was provided in two different lockups.



TechWears Logo on Postcards



TechWears Stud Earrings



TechWears Neck Tie Packaging



TechWears Letterhead - Logo and Identity Redesign by Story Spark


In conclusion, both TechWears and Story Spark were happy with the results of the collaboration. TechWears was able to use their new logo on numerous instances and we were thrilled to have been able to help another technology-inspired brand evolve to the next level. We hope you'll visit TearWears.com to check out their unique and upcycled wearable art. They certainly provide for a meaningful impression!



TechWears wall


Interested in working with Story Spark on a custom logo design? Feel free to send an inquiry about your project via our contact form. We'd be more than happy to know more about your story.


Alex Louie
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So happy that you’re enjoying your new Bar Code t-shirt, Bob. It was great connecting with you and we hope to see you again!

— Alex

I am now wearing my new bar code t shirt with pride. It made me laugh so hard at the Westlake Village street fair… I had great difficulty deciding which one to buy, so I will probably have to get the other one’s as well. Perhaps I’ll see you in Pasadena.

— Bob Coutts