If you've ever worked in retail, you may have an appreciation for a stack of nicely folded tees. It takes a lot of effort to get them folded evenly and consistently, but there's a certain sense of accomplishment at seeing them all done. It tends to put one's mind at ease. When we started Story Spark, we didn't have much retail experience and soon learned that a clean presentation makes a lot of difference. It helps to keep things organized and adds a level of respect to the items. Thus whenever we're at a popup event or just organizing all of our graphic tees, we take special care in folding them in a way that is clean and simple.

So what are the methods for folding a t-shirt? There are so many possible ways to fold. Simple questions like where are your shirts going to be placed (on a rack...in a drawer...in a shelf) may determine what kind of fold is needed.


t-shirts folded

If it's on a rack - then hanging it on a hanger makes most sense of course. If it's in a drawer, then the popular KonMarie method of folding the shirt in thirds is great, because it's compact and stands up which helps you can see what shirts you have on hand.


graphic t-shirts rolled

If it's going on a shelf, you can fold your shirts in thirds or roll them into slender tubes. All of these methods help to visually see what you have available along with saving space.

For STORY SPARK, we like to stack our shirts since since they're often displayed on a table. Since we design graphics on our tees, it's important for us to have each design visible at a glance along with having easy access to seeing the size labels. To make the process as easy as possible, we often use a magical 8.5"x11" board to help make each fold consistent and clean.

Here's a simple step by step process on how we fold tees:

  1. Lay the shirt open with the back facing you.
  2. Place the top of the board to the center of the collar.
  3. Fold the left and rights sides of the tshirt using the board as a guide.
  4. Then fold the bottom of the shirt upward so that the shirt becomes a nice clean rectangle.



There you have it - a post on how we fold our original graphic tees! If you have other ways of folding tees, please comment below to share. Thanks for stopping by and happy folding!


Sun Kim
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