Here is our annual curated list of techie products that celebrates art and tech. We hope you find this post helpful in this gift buying season, so as to easily crossing off those on your gift list. Please note that we are simply sharing this list of favorites and are not receiving any affiliate compensation for these mentions - just sayin'. Enjoy!



#1. Aruliden Glasscape Underwater Landscape Fishbowl

Aruliden Fish Bowl

This award winning design creates an artful, simple and yet natural looking landscape for fish or plants! In its transparency, the landscape allows natural light to create shadows and reflection. No battery required! To maintain this 1.5 gallon bowl, like an artpiece, it will have to be carefully handwashed. Don't worry, it will be worth it!



#2. Bamboo Paper by Wacom

Wacom Bamboo Paper

This "smart pad" pairs with your tablet (iOS and Android) and can store up to 100 files. It also comes with a dedicated stylus, and you can easily upload files to Google Docs for additional storage. The Bamboo can be a fast way to collaborate or be inspired to digitally sketch a thought before an idea is lost. This notion of doing something in real life but in a digital fashion is a nice balance that is efficient and cool.



#3. LuMee Duo Marble Case

LuMee Duo iPhone Case

Everyone has had that annoying experience of blurry, grainy or unflattering selfies, right? Well, this elegant phone case may provide a solution. The LuMee Duo has both a front and rear-facing light so that you can take more glamorous low light selfies without using the phone's harsh built-in flash. This will feed into your selfie passion all night long.



#4. Monkey Light

This is one of those presents that may come in a small package but once opened and put on a bike, it lightens to a pretty and memorable gift! These stylish lights create an abstract art or an image on your wheels as you ride at night! Only available on Amazon, these are above and beyond the single handle bar headlights.



#5. Posture Stand

Posture Stand

One of the best ways to alleviate back pain is to improve the ergonomics of your workspace. "Posture" is an easy, adjustable stand for your laptop or device. It adjusts the height and viewing angle to specifically suit your individual needs. Now you can be even more productive AND more relaxed while binge watching!



#6. FlexSafe 

FlexSafe by Aquavault

This portable safe is great for any traveler or those who frequent the beach, pool or any public activity space. The FlexSafe is water resistant, has RFID blocking technology and locks to anything fixed. It eliminates the need to hide your phone, wallet and keys under a pile of clothes or towels and puts your mind at ease so as to enjoy the moment.



#7. Hay Laptop Brush

Hay Laptop Brush

For the person who likes to keep their keyboard and screen clean, here's a simple yet stylish brush for them. Made out of horse and goat hair, this brush is elegantly designed with a beech handle that is gentle and safe enough to use on one's pricey high tech gadgets. Available from various distributors.



#8. Tassle Lightning Key Ring with Aluminum Tips

Merkury Innovations Tassle Lightning Key Ring

It can be difficult to make it through the day without charging our phones these days. Thus the Tassle Lightning Key Ring comes in handy. It has a discreet Lightning and USB connector that is disguised in a tassle key ring. This allows it to always be portable and unforgettable, as it is associated with your important keys. It surely can be a fun and useful stocking stuffer for any techie!



#9. Smallest Arcade Set

Worlds Smallest Arcade Machines

We are still on the retro arcade kick! From the Pac-Man costumes in our past post "Reminisce with Retro Halloween Costume Ideas" to this gift idea, we couldn't resist adding this cute set of tiny arcades. A fun gift to give someone who needs that arcade break from their desk or for that student who wants a simple and cool gaming alternative to today's mobile games.



#10. Levitating Bonsai Plant

Levitating Bonsai

Bring some magic to a room with this levitating Bonsai plant. Spark conversations when folks ask how does it do that? A great, unique gift for someone to enjoy and ponder their own imagination by looking at the space between the magnetic force of the base and the plant.



I hope this list shed light on some unusual gifts out there. You can also check out our post from last year for other gift ideas. Sometimes the cool gadget is not all tech but more so something that is creatively expressed. Please comment below to let us know if you have others that you'd like to share, and don't forget to check out our collection of techy graphic t-shirts. Happy gifting!



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