At Story Spark, we're all about blending art and tech, and Halloween is a great time to see how people's creativity run wild with that premise. Unlike our techie graphic t-shirts, costumes are meant to be over the top. We scoured the net to see what kinds of technology-related costumes people are creating. Some are old, some are new, some are amazing, and some are diy simple. All in all, they reflect a sense of humor and an inner drive to connect to others. As a halloween treat, we'd like to share what we found - a compilation of ten techie costumes that stood out as inspiration for any technophile.



#1. Nintendo Famicom with Controllers

Techie costumes - Nintendo Superfamicom with controllers

We couldn't help but gawk at this classic piece of japanese nostalgia - in human form! Complete with a pair of walking controllers, this awesome techie costume by RuiRei Channel is a surefire hit. Though not as colorful, its American cousin would be a cool sidekick.
Source: Twitter



#2. 3D Glasses Dress

3d glasses dress by - tech costume

Now that's geekchic! This elegantly crafted dress totally blurs the lines (pun intended) between fashion and costume wear. Want a challenge? Make VR look just as cool. ;)
Source: MyDisguises



#3. Blue Screen of Death

Funny costume - Blue Screen of Death Reaper

What's more frightening than the grim reaper? The Blue Screen of Death - after a long unsaved session and the micromanaging PM walking down the corridor...
Source: MyDisguises



#4. Super Engines Team Costume

IT Costume - Super Engines group

You gotta love the team spirit behind this diy group costume. How can you go wrong with a super web browsing IT department like this? What's more, they're called the "Super Engines" - so appropriate for those who can save your day.
Source: Costume-Works



#5. Plug and Socket Couple

Couples costume - Plug and Socket

For those techie couples who aren't afraid to express their passion in public, this is the perfect fit. Hey it's only a phone charger and a wall outlet - a must have for anyone these days right?
Source: Costumeish



#6. Google Maps

DIY techie costume - Google Maps

As single or a couple, this diy costume is easily relatable. Gone are the days of using that "lost" excuse.
Source: Reddit



#7. Smoking Samsung Note 7

Smoking Samsung Note 7

You have to hand it to Chris Kiley for putting together this elaborate, timely and smoking tech costume. So what is it, exactly? Perhaps a fired Samsung exec.
Source: Facebook



#8. Snapchat Filters IRL

Snapchat Filters costumes

If you're not already tired of seeing these puppy faces all over social media, get ready to see them in real life. If someone figures out how I could get the winkle-free filter to work irl too, that would be spectacular.
Source: Popsugar



#9. Team Tetris

Tetris costume

Retro tech and games are always fresh, especially with humans inside. As the saying goes, what's old is new.
Source: Instructables



#10. The Final Boss of the Internet

Tech costume - Keyboard King or Final Boss of the Internet

As you've reached the end of this list of cool techie costumes, it's deserving that you are now confronted with the ghastly presence of the Final Boss of the Internet - the Keyboard King!
Source: Tumblr



Showing your passion for tech can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. In the end, it's all about sharing your story and having fun. The connections you make and the shared moments with others is what truly counts. If you have any "tech-reative" costume examples of your own that you'd like to share, please post a comment below.
Happy Halloween! 🎃


Alex Louie
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