It’s that time of year again — back to school! Whether your friend needs a much-needed tech upgrade for college, or a family member is headed to high school for the first time, these fun techy finds make the perfect back to school gift for anyone.


Wireless Keyboard
A colorful keyboard that can work with any laptop, tablet, or phone? Sounds perfect! This wireless keyboard also boasts quiet keys, so they can type in class without disturbing anyone.

Best Back to School Gifts - Wireless Keyboard


Vintage Fan
It has been a remarkably hot summer, and the heat doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. This vintage, compact, portable fan will help them beat the heat while working at their desk.


Vintage Fan for Students



Noise Cancelling Earbuds
Keeping focus can be key to succeeding in school. A good pair of noise cancelling earbuds will help any student block out the noise and stay studious.

Earbuds for Students and techies


Reading Valet
Make their school required reading a touch more aesthetically pleasing with this reading valet, which holds a book, a phone, reading glasses, and a warm drink.

Reading Valet - Gift Ideas


Circuit Board Backpack
A backpack can be a great way to show off personality. Let them show off their techy side with this circuit board backpack.

Circuitry Backpack - Back to School


Multitool Pen
A pen that also has nine different functions (including bottle opener, flashlight, and stylus), and is customizable? Yes please!

Pen - School Essentials


Power Bank
No one wants their phone dying in the middle of the school day. This power bank comes in tons of fun art prints, and you can even snag a matching phone case.

Power Bank - Tech Gift Ideas


Personalized Backpack Tag
We put luggage tags on our suitcases in case they get lost, so why don’t we do the same with backpacks? Especially since they hold so many important things, from class notes to laptops. This classy backpack tag is low key, but incredibly useful in case of emergencies.

Personalized Luggage Tag - Back to School


Phone Sanitizer
We use our phones for almost everything, and probably don’t realize how much bacteria they can harbor. At the end of a long school day, this phone sanitizer will help them keep their device squeaky clean (and take a little break from it while it’s being cleaned).

Phone Sanitizer for Techies


Echo Dot Kids
This Alexa device is made specifically for kids to ask questions, get homework help, set alarms, and more. It also comes with a year of free Amazon Kids+, which gives them access to books, games, and other educational benefits.

Echo Kids - Tech Stuff



We hope that these back to school gift ideas help you get your students ready for the season. Also don't forget to check out techy graphic tees that can be added to their wardrobes like Ascend, Pi-finity, or Boooost to name a few. Let us know what your favorite gift would be. We love to hear from you!



That bag is so chic! Definitely something to wear based on your personal style and age group. The funny thing is that I would recommend it to a elementary school to high school student, say it might depend when it comes to college students but definitely want it for someone about to graduate college or wants a backpack outside of college because it is so stylish!

— Yomi