This past year, there's an explosion of new podcasts! There's an onslaught of new shows topping the iTunes list, especially those produced by Gimlet Media. In case you have missed the forming of Gimlet Media - check out the very first episode of StartUp with Alex Blumberg trying to pitch Chris Sacca (billionaire star) for seed money. It's this episode "How Not to Pitch a Billionaire" that hooks you into their slate of new shows. Thank you, Mr. Blumberg and team, for sharing your talents in creating these well made stories.



With that said, here's a short list of favorite podcasts that speaks to the sides of humor, business-how-to, and inspiration to-keep-pursuing-your-dream.



#1. StartUp Podcast - Season 4

General length: 30 mins - 57 mins
By: Gimlet Media
Rated: R (for language)

Startup podcast by Gimlet Media

We at Story Spark have a mission of delivering a tech moderate message on graphic t-shirts, thus season 4 of "StartUp" really resonated with us. These episodes focus on Dov Charney (the founder of American Apparel - the t-shirt manufacturer credited with producing super soft, form fitting American-made tees). The interview with Mr. Charney provides insight and some guidelines on what NOT to do in business, especially one that is in the public's ever-watchful eye.



#2. Heavyweight - Season 1

General length: 30 mins - 45 mins
By: Gimlet Media
Rated: R (for language)

Heavyweight podcast by Gimlet Media

This new podcast only has 8 episodes where the focus is on an individual and their grievances about their past - what they could have done but didn't and what they could do now differently in the present. It's a show about growing up as a human being by letting go, forgiving, and doing things differently because you want to move on by learning something from your past. Its stories touch upon our human nature which hold grudges, and the show explains why we hold them in the context of our history.



#3. The Tim Ferriss Show - Episode #206

General length - 1hr
By: Tim Ferriss
Rated: PG/R (for language)

The Tim Ferris Show

Look past the glitzy logo that he has as a thumbnail for the iTunes store and go directly to this particular episode #206 where he answers questions about how he got to where he is now. It's a very interesting long form podcast where by listening to it is the only way to learn about the various nuggets he inserts to help you become a better business person and team player.



#4. How I Built This

General length - 35 mins
Rated: PG

How I Built This Podcast

As of this post, there are about 14 episodes of in-depth interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs. "Success" is defined as not only bootstrapping their business but the business itself still exists today. It's great to hear this type of interview with people who are not in the public eye as much. Now that the Oprah show is no longer, hearing this type of inspiration is something that you will have to seek.



#5. Making Oprah

General length - 45 mins
By: WBEZ Chicago
Rated: G

Making Oprah Podcast

This podcast directly interviews Oprah, an American icon, herself. As an audiophile, we are lucky enough to hear the making of infamous shows like her "You Get a Car" episode and the effort involved in making not only this show, but all the Oprah shows. It's a treat to be able to hear directly from Oprah and her struggles in getting started. It peels away the success that media focuses on and reveals that it takes a lot of hard work, patience, passion and kindness to pave the way to living your dream.






Side Hustle School

General length - 4 - 6mins
By: Chris Guillebeau / Onward Project / Panoply
Rated: G

Side Hustle School Podcasts

This is the opposite of the long form podcast programs I've been listening to. Chris Guillebeau goes straight to the point and provides a summary of HOW these entrepreneurs are making cash in their side hustle. A fresh but yet familiar perspective on entrepreneurship.


If you have favorite entrepreneurial podcasts that you would like to share, please feel free to add them to the comments below.

Until next time, stay tech moderate and feed your mind.


Sun Kim
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Thanks Drew for this great suggestion! I did check out Motherboard podcast and can’t stop listening. Really enjoyed the episode “The End of Ownership” – so far, the host and guests really covers great questions that makes it soo current for today’s tech. Thanks!

— Sun

Love these selections, thanks for the tips! Would also recommend you check out the Motherboard podcast from Vice. I think you would dig it as they peel apart the complex layers of the tech revolution with thoughtful commentary and incredible guests!

— Drew