This Valentine’s Day, treat your loved ones to some fun, techy gifts to brighten their day and show them how much you really get them. If you’re running short on ideas, here are some great gifts that will really level up your gift-giving game!


Valentines Day Gift - Friendship Lamps

Friendship Lamps

If your friend lives far away, the friendship lamp is a great way to give them a quick “thinking of you.” Simply tap your lamp and theirs will light up, no matter how far they are.


Valentines Day Gift Idea: Lego Bouquet

Lego Flower Bouquet

Get your valentine a bouquet of flowers that will never die — and that they get to assemble themselves! It’s both a fun project and an everlasting piece of decor.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas: Photo necklace

Personalized Photo Necklace

Let’s go back to the good old days of romantic lockets, but with a techy twist. This personalized photo necklace prints high quality images directly onto one side of quality metal, with a pendant design of your choosing on the other side.


Vday Gift: Infinite Objects Video Print

Infinite Objects Video Print

Loving pictures are a wonderful addition to any household, and now technology has upgraded the classic gift to something so much cooler. Infinite Objects lets you frame videos as if they were pictures, so your loved ones can actively smile or wave at you from the frame. You can also choose to display any piece of moving artwork.


Valentines Day Gifts: Geode Wireless Charger

Geode Wireless Charger

Give their bedside table an aesthetic upgrade with this wireless charger made to look like a geode, so they can charge in style.


Valentines Day Gift Idea: Pluto Pillow

Pluto Pillow

Give your love the best night’s sleep of their life with this customized pillow, made just for them!


Valentines Day Gift Guide: Love box


Go beyond texting or email. Lovebox is perfect for communicating with parents, grandparents, friends, or significant others. Send pictures, videos, notes, or whatever you want from the app, and it will land in their digital lovebox. They can also spin the heart on the box, and flood your phone with digital hearts.


Valentines Day Gift Guide: Between App

Between App

You’ll never forget the little things in your relationship with this app meant specifically for tracking the best moments of your relationship. Keep a joint calendar, store photos, and even chat together using the Between App.


Valentines Day Gift Guide: Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Sometimes, even when you’re not sleeping next to your significant other, you want the comfort of their presence. Pillow Talk bracelets let you listen to their heartbeat in real time through a speaker that you place under your pillow. You each receive matching wristbands and speakers, so they can hear your heartbeat, too!


Valentines Day Gift Guide: Bond Touch Bracelets

Bond Touch Bracelets

Keep your intimacy alive even if you’re miles apart. The Bond Touch bracelet lets you quickly alert your loved one that you’re thinking of them with just a tap — their bracelet will vibrate, letting them know they’re in your thoughts.

Which gift will you choose this Valentine’s Day? Let us know how you’re celebrating with your loved ones.

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