Earth Day is on April 22 this year, and we’re celebrating by giving you the inside scoop on our line of sustainable graphic t-shirts. Story Spark always wanted to create products that were sustainable and didn’t contribute heavily to the pollution of the earth. That’s why from the very beginning, we chose to screen print locally right here in Southern California. We also use garments manufactured by factories accredited with WRAP, or Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. This means our products follow the WRAP principles of environmental conservation, which includes reducing waste, using ethical labor, and practicing overall environmental consciousness. But we wanted to do more. That’s where the idea for our sustainability line came in.

WRAP certified

With a staggering 87% of clothing, equivalent to 40 million tons, ending up in landfills annually, and only a mere 1% of discarded clothing being recycled, we felt compelled to take action. To address this concerning issue, we've made a conscious decision to prioritize the use of more responsible materials in our products.

By opting for materials such as 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester for our poly-blend tees, we're trying to actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and play a part in minimizing the relentless waste generated by the fashion industry. Through these sustainable practices, we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment and promoting a more eco-conscious approach to clothing production.

At Story Spark, we're proud to offer a growing collection of sustainable graphic tees, each inspired by a unique concept. For us, art, technology, and nature coexist harmoniously, and we're committed to protecting our environment while fostering creativity and innovation.

This Earth Day, celebrate in style and peace with our organic, sustainably crafted Story Spark shirts. Each uniquely designed tee not only reflects your personal style but also embodies our shared commitment to environmental stewardship. Join us in making a positive impact on our planet, one stylish step at a time.


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