In a series of posts tagged as "Favorite Finds", we want to share with you some of our favorite hangouts and experiences–proof that we do get out from behind our screens. (¬‿¬)

CALA (Comic Arts Los Angeles)
Being newbies to the CALA convention, I wasn't sure what to expect - especially after having to wait in line for 20 minutes to enter. Other attendees mentioned that this was the first time people had to queue up, so it was a good sign to see that this event has gained some greater interest and buzz around independent comic artists.

Held at the Think Tank Gallery, I was pleasantly reminded of my days at CalArts upon entering. Though a little dark, the space was bustling with activity. Fans and casual attendees were everywhere inside, chatting with artists and browsing their amazing pieces from graphic novels to posters to cards. Art was hung on the walls and sometimes projected as backdrops. In addition to the exhibit, CALA had an inspiring schedule of guest speakers that spanned the 2-day festival. Located in a dedicated space, these panel discussions were greatly insightful and provided an additional degree of inspiration - just like in school.


Sketches and doodles at CALA


Risography prints


Wall projection at CALA


Speakers and panel discussions

On stage: Noelle Stevenson - author of web comic, Nimona. Hosted by Shannon Watters.


Schedule of speakers at CALA

All in all, CALA was a refreshing reminder to continue to support artists in doing what they love and to encourage you to bring out the artist from within yourself as well.

The 2015 Comic Arts Los Angeles convention took place Dec 5-6 at the Think Tank Gallery in LA's Fashion District.

Admission was free and open to the public.


Sun Kim
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