Like so many small businesses, 2020 has disrupted STORY SPARK's means of conducting business and outreach to those who matter to us. Even though we've been able to connect with most fans via our website and social media channels– it still does not replace what the pandemic took away - live, in-person events. 

In-person events was something that not only drove the majority of our business but was also a motivating factor that pushed us to continue making connections. As humans, there simply is no replacement for being able to connect with others on a personal level face-to-face. It's just something that is built into our nature.  When we learned about an opportunity to try a new virtual platform that potentially could come closer to our past live in-person events, we had to give it a try.


STORY SPARK on Popshop Live


Popshop Live is a streaming video shopping channel that blends the capabilities of live video chat with that of ecommerce. Our initial thought was that it sounded not much different than other services like Amazon Live or a Facetime call. However, we were soon pleasantly surprised to discover that the experience is quite innovative from both an audience and a seller's point of view. It turns out to be more like QVC meets Instagram Live.


STORY SPARK setup for live streaming


To be honest, video was not something we embraced early due to our focus on print and 2D design, but perhaps more so, our introverted natures have always casted doubts on the possibilities. Regardless, with everything that 2020 has turned upside down, it was time to mess up the walls, put fears aside and go live, try this video in real-time. At the time of this post, we've done a couple Popshop Live shows so far and have been fortunate to connect with some current and new friends. 



STORY SPARK streaming on Popshop Live


We hope you'll be able to join us for our next Popshop Live show. Our goal is to try to provide some fresh content with our techie graphic tees, whether they be the inspiration behind a design or fun and random facts that may spark some stories. All you have to do is to download the free Popshop Live iOS app and sign up with the invite code: STORYS. Please check our Events page for a schedule of when the next episode will be live!

Do you have experience with Popshop Live or other streaming commerce platforms? We'd love to get your thoughts below.

Alex Louie
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