We are following Oprah's lead and posting our "10 Techie Gifts under $100" list early. Last year, our gift list was inspired by gadget lovers. This year, we've assembled a list of cool gifts that make use of one's artistic side or at least are more creative in nature. Please note that we're simply sharing this collection of favorites and are not receiving any affiliate compensation for these mentions - just sayin'. Enjoy!



#1. Scribbler 3D Pen

Scribbler 3D Pen

Bring your line art into real life with the Scribbler 3D Pen Nano. It's like drawing with your glue gun but the pieces hold their shape. Every pen comes in multiple colors and is fume-free. It's a great way to show off those art and tech skills!



#2. Happy Socks

Happy Socks

We understand that sometimes the workplace requires you to dress conservatively, but does that include your feet? Who knew socks can be so fun. From funny sayings on the bottom of the feet to illustrative threaded designs throughout each sock, there are plenty of cool pairs to secretly spice up your day. Here's our favorite pair - lightning bolt socks zapped to the toe! :)



#3. Night Ice Earrings

Night Ice Earrings

No time to look for a sparkling outfit? How about simply wearing on these cool earrings to turn heads?! These subtle studs contain white LED lights that you can easily turn on or off. They are like one of those outfits that can be worn during the day for business and then also for the party at night. 



#4. Retro Gamer Phone Case

Game Phone Case

Yearning for the classic Game Boy? Look no further than this awesome phone case! It has dual functions: it protects your valuable phone AND it acts as a retro game console that you can play while awkwardly waiting for your next appointment. Why not just play these retro games directly from your smartphone? That just wouldn't be so creative or so retro, right?



#5. RetroViewer


Here's a blast from the past. When looking through these, you can't but wonder if VR was inspired by the viewfinder. What's especially cool about the Retroviewer site is that it offers customization! Rather than click through generic images of dinosaurs and puppies, create personalized retro reels for whom you'll be giving this to. Perfect for a flashback Friday!



#6. Music Sleep Mask

Music Sleep Mask

If you're traveling or need to catch some zzz's in a loud place, the Music Sleep Mask definitely will come in handy. This comfy eye pad with integrated headphones makes it easy to escape from your surroundings and get that needed rest. Simply plug in your phone or music player and off you go.



#7. Stak Ceramics

Stak Ceramics

With this charming organizer, you can keep your essential items close together but yet conveniently separated. Furthermore, this ceramic desk organizer allows you to have a plant set next to your phone! It's always important to bring some nature alongside your the digital workspace.



#8. ergoErgo Chair

ergoErgo Chair

With so much sitting at our desks these days, having a fun, flexible ergonomic chair like the ergoErgo chair is perfect! ErgoErgo compresses slightly when you sit on it to the height of a standard chair, which makes it perfect for a standard desk height. Not only does it look cool, it helps strengthen your body and awaken your mind!



#9. Slate LapDesk

Slate LapDesk

If Apple were to design a lap desk, then this Slate LapDesk would be it! With it's great materials and ergonomic design, this innovative item embeds your mousepad into its surface and blends two unique types of bamboo, which absorbs heat generated from your laptop. Talk about cool!



#10. Morf Board

Morf Board

Here' a clever one. Morf Board has created an interchangeable scooter and skateboard using the same board! With the popularity of scooter these days, your kid can enjoy the ease of control as well as going handsfree via old school skateboarding! Choose among four fun colors, for this is the only board your kid will need.



We hope you enjoyed these artful gifts and maybe find something for you and your art and techy friends. You can also check out our list from last year for other techie gift ideas. Please comment below to let us know if you have others that you'd like to share, and don't forget to check out our collection of techy graphic t-shirts. Happy gifting!



Sun Kim
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