We blinked and didn't even realized that Halloween is upon us! Wut?! Last year, we posted a compilation of retro costume ideas with just photos..so fast forward to today, here's a sampling of fun, DYI and unique costumes via some YouTube videos that we discovered. Unfortunately, we couldn't edit them but hopefully they will be helpful and inspiring your creative soul for this Halloween!



1. Transformers

Credit: Insider

This is definitely more than meets the eye!! It is so awesome to see these costumes come alive in real life! Go parents who figured this out and made it a reality for their kids! Cosplay for kids just got moved to a whole new level!



2. 15 Epic Kids Costume Ideas


IMO, the most ingenious costume in this group is #4 where a boy is wearing a costume apart from his torso! How does he do that? Then there's #1 which is well deserving considering it was handmade kid costume of Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. You just want to reach out and pet him..



3. DYI Costumes

Credit: FunnyPig

Peter Pan and His Shadow (#7) is a costume pairing that I've never seen before! Clever and so simple to do! Towards the end of the video (it's pretty long), there are some gruesome zombie costumes and makeup that would easily scare anyone!



4. Most Genius Costumes People Ever Had

Credit: Marko Andruss

Some of these costumes do get repeated in these various videos, but goes to show how impressive they are! The one that stood out to me in this group is the first costume with Ratatouille in the chef's hat! How fun and simple!!



5. Group Costumes

Credit: Fashion Trend Seeker

This video presents some great costume ideas for pairs or groups. There's a family who had costumes to make some delicious s'mores. Trick or treating has never been so impressive!



I hope this short group of videos had a ton of costume ideas that are helpful in getting into the spooky holiday spirit - or if anything, were entertained by all the creativity and effort that went into each of them.

Do you have thoughts or additional costume ideas to share? Please add them to the comments below. Happy Halloween!

Sun Kim