Graduation is coming up — and whether you know someone graduating high school, or leaving college for the adult world, the new grad in your life deserves something special! Rather than sitting stumped, check out our suggestions for 10 great techy gifts for graduates this year.



#1. Theragun

Graduation can be a stressful time — help your grad unwind with a Theragun. This percussive massage tool is a great way to relax muscles after a long day at the pool this summer.

Theragun - graduation gift



#2. Moon Lamp

Anyone can have a regular old desk lamp. This floating moon lamp makes for a great, unique statement to your grad’s new digs.

Moon Lamp - gift idea



#3. Smart Lights

Your grad might be leaving home for the first time, or moving into a new apartment as they move on in the world. Either way, these smart multicolored LED lights will let them choose fun and soothing colors for their new space.

Smart Lights - gift ideas



#4. Digital Notepad

Bulky paper notebooks are a thing of the past thanks to this smart pad, which allows your grad to write on paper, while uploading each brushstroke in real time.

Digital Notepad Gift Idea



#5. Smart Coffee Maker

For the grad who needs a little morning boost, this smart coffee maker is a lifesaver. It allows them to use an app to start their brew anytime, anywhere.

Smart Coffee Maker - gift idea for graduates



#6. Portable Speakers

Graduation means summer, and summer means it’s time to relax and hang out — what better way than to chill with some great tunes? Portable speakers will let them take their music with them wherever they go.


Portable Speakers as a gift idea




#7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Roommates are great — but they can also be a noisy distraction. Whether your grad is trying to work or study, noise cancelling headphones will help them block out any noise and focus.

Noise Cancelling Headphones - great gift idea for techies



#8. Nintendo Switch

Take gaming to the next level with the Nintendo Switch. Your grad will love being able to easily play their favorite games anywhere.

Nintendo Switch - gift guide ideas



#9. Personalized Campus Map

Graduation is bittersweet, but having a memento of their time at college can be comforting. This personalized campus map will let them look back fondly, wherever they end up.

Personalized Campus Map - gift idea



#10. Masterclass Gift Card

Just because classes are over doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. A Masterclass giftcard will let your grad pick out whatever classes they want to take, and keep their brain active over the summer.

Masterclass Gift Card


How do you and your graduate plan on celebrating this summer? Let us know in the comments — we always love to hear from you! And if you need more gift inspiration, check out our previous grad gift guide.