During these times, let’s not dwell on what we’ve lost and instead focus on the things we have now. The graduating class, more than anyone else, knows how to adapt. Meaningful gifts are a great way to show your graduates appreciation. This graduation gift guide is full of practical gift ideas that every graduate can put to use either in college or their brand new job! Note: none of the products mentioned below are sponsors or affiliated with STORY SPARK - we just think they're cool and helpful!



#1. Mobile Klean

This portable UV sanitizer uses ultraviolet technology to destroy viruses in just 20 seconds! Mobile Klean is a must-have for any dorm room or office!

Grad Gift Idea: Mobile Klean




#2. Moo Gift Card

Does your graduate have an awesome tech startup idea? Moo’s professional business cards and customizable stationery will turn their idea into a reality. Moo also offers colorful notebooks for those who need more brainstorming!

Graduation Gift Idea: Moo Card



#3. Sunrise Clock

Start your student’s day naturally as Lexon’s Miami Sunrise alarm clock slowly introduces light just like a real sunrise! The six nature-inspired alarm sounds will help wake students up even for an 8 a.m. class.


Graduate Gift Idea: Sunrise Clock



#4. Crosley Radio "Kettle" Desk Phone

Your student will love calling home the old fashion way with Crosley’s Kettle Classic phone! This functioning phone doubles as vintage decor to add flair to boring dorms.

Graduation Gift Idea: Crosley Kettle Phone




#5. Balancing Blocks

With endless combinations to build, these Balancing Blocks are a great way to boost creativity! Not only are they fun, but they’re a great stress reliever too!

Graduation Gift Idea: Balancing Blocks


#6. Umbra Tissue Box

Stay healthy and spruce up any dorm room at the same time! Umbra’s sleek house shaped tissue box design will add style to any workspace.

Grad Gift Idea: Umbra Tissue Box



#7. Birchlane Duvet Comforter

After hours of studying, give your student the coziest place to recharge with Birchlane’s Alternative Duvet Comforter. Instead of prickly feathers or unpleasant down, this comforter has hypoallergenic microfibers that provide ultimate comfort!

Graduation Gift: Duvet Comforter


#8. Live Well Gift Set

Bring the spa to the stressed-out student with one of many Live Well self-watering herb growing kits. In addition to soothing aromatic plants such as lavender, basil, mint, and more, each kit comes with its own matching accessories like candles, tea mugs, and more!

Graduation Gift Idea: Live Well Gift Set



#9. Selfie Ring Light

All students will geek out at how much this selfie ring light improves their phone’s camera! This ring light has 3 color temperatures, an adjustable phone holder, and works for both Androids and iPhones. Easily found on Amazon.

Graduation Gift: Selfie Ring Light



#10. Twice Premium Toothpaste

Give your grad the gift of bright and healthy smile with this set of premium toothpaste. 100% vegan, GF, non-GMO and cruelty-free, this dentist-approved product is full of vitamins for a refreshing look and feel in the morning and at night. Furthermore, a portion of every purchase is given to a charitable cause.

Grad Gift Idea: Twice Toothpaste



Even though the school year didn’t end as expected, your graduate still deserves to be celebrated! You can also check out our previous graduation gift guide for even more ideas. If you have any ideas for other cool gifts for grads, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy gifting!


Nicole Rodriguez
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