We believe in balance between technology and life.

STORY SPARK is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the life between technology and people. Today's digital age is awesome with its efficiencies and progress, but sometimes it makes us forget to enjoy what it means to be human. It's crazy that we even have to start remembering ourselves as humans, right? Technology should aid the expression of who you are - helping you to give a thoughtful gift, to tell a story and to share a real smile.

Robb the Robot at Story Spark

Prepping our KICK BACK tshirt

With a passion for art and technology, our goal is to create thoughtful products and content that resonate – to make smiles and inspire one's own spark.


Sewing hem tags onto STORY SPARK tees

We created STORY SPARK as a reminder that our time together should be fun and memorable. After having consulted for a number of corporations as digital interface designers, we decided to apply our experience and design principles into the creation of something personal - something with the potential to empower people at an individual level.

Closeup of our FORGET DIET tshirt

Designing the STORY SPARK hang tag

Designing the STORY SPARK logo

Alex Louie - Co-founder of Story Spark Graphic T-Shirts
Hi, I'm Alex - Designer & Co-founder
I enjoy and appreciate courage. The strength that enables one to express themselves and to be unafraid - free to stand up on one's own accord. These are the early adopters and the trailblazers who dare to experiment and create a means toward realizing a vision. This is the passion and creativity that I strive to harness in Story Spark, in hopes of providing others with the same sense of courage and freedom.
Sun Kim, Co-founder of Story Spark Tech T Shirts
Hi, I'm Sun - Designer & Co-founder
I enjoy and appreciate thoughtfulness. Thank you for holding the door for me. Really, it's being able to notice the small details of kindness and celebrating it big. I strive in my own work and actions to put my best foot forward in creating mindful interactions and things that might be enjoyed by everyone. Life is too precious to think of oneself. Live, save and give! :)



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