Let's not overlook Dad this Father's Day. Sure, he may not have been there all the time or have given you advice you needed, but he is you know, Dad. Sometimes we, kids, need to remind him and ourselves that parenting is never easy. So whether for Father's Day or for any other occasion, we've compiled a list of gift ideas to help you capture the mind and heart of any techie Dad.



#1. Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion Controller

Remember that infamous scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise gestures his hands to make things happen? This Leap Motion Controller Gesture Control lets Dad have a similar Z-axis experience with his own computer. If he is an architect, an artist or one who just likes motion control, he'll be amazed by how much he can create with his fingertips.



#2. Astronaut Flexible USB Light

Astronaut USB Light

Sometimes Dad works late - burning the midnight oil. This flexible USB astronaut light plugs straight into one's laptop - making it fun for him to keep going and to continue to reach for the stars. Remind him that his efforts can make a difference.



#3. Portable Cooler with Speaker

Tunes2Go KoolMAX Cooler and Speaker

Let's say Dad likes to go to the beach or go camping AND he likes his tunes loud (you know, the oversharing kind). This will do the trick. The KoolMAX cooler by Tunes2Go not only can keep up to 48 cans or 24 beer bottles cold, it has two built-in 350 watt weather-resistant speakers. And all of it is on wheels! This definitely makes it easy for dad to cart around his bragging rights!



#4. Mobile Controls Graphic T-Shirt

Mens Graphic T-shirt for Gamers - Mobile Controls T shirt

If Dad is a gamer at heart, he'll love this "Mobile Controls" graphic tee that pokes fun at video game console lineage. Not only does it represent interdependence and delicate balance among video game manufacturers, it becomes a game of "I used to have THAT one and THAT one!"



#5. Pen Recorder Pro Spy Pen Camera

Pen Recorder Pro HD500 Spy Pen

With the Pen Recorder Pro HD500, the pen really does have power - literally! Instead of hunting down a pair of SnapChat Spectacles, how about gifting a more subtle and classy pen - James Bond style? The Pen Recorder Pro HD500 can take pictures as well as video. Dad will certainly be the cool kid in that boardroom meeting.



#6. Music Activated LED Equalizer Car Sticker

Music activated car sticker

Like everyone else, Dad surely has his favorite beats. Maybe it's the Beatles or the Eagles or even Pit Bull. He'll be rocking it with this cool LED equalizer car sticker, for it reacts to the music that's being played in the car.



#7. Leather Garment Weekender by Hook + Albert

Leather Garment Weekender Bag by Hook and Albert

For the traveling dad who often goes offsite for a business meeting or who enjoys those weekend getaways, here's a sleek, roomy and innovative weekender bag from Hook & Albert. Innovative? Though you carry it like a duffle bag, you can also pack suits like a garment bag that folds into this perforated leather bag. There is also an inside pocket for shoes! This is definitely a fashionable accessory that allows dad to pack for success from head to toe.



#8. Pedego Interceptor Electric Cruiser Bike

Pedego Electric Bike

Perhaps Dad isn't quite the Harley Davidson type, but he still loves to ride. This slick electric bike makes it easy for him to enjoy the outdoors should it get difficult to pedal uphill or go that long distance. Furthermore, it has a classic beach cruiser look instead of calling attention to its battery-powered pedals. Save the geek-cred for those steep slopes!



#9. TechWears Limited Edition Circuit Board Tie

TechWears Limited Edition Circuit Board Tie

For the dad who loves tech and needs to wear a tie to the office, how about giving him a limited edition tie made entirely out of of circuit boards? Responsibly crafted by TechWears, these signed and numbered circuit boards are all repurposed or "upcycled" with only 10 in existence! Dad will definitely have something to talk about at the office water cooler.



#10. Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus

Philips Hue Light Strip Plus

Transform dad's work or play area into a hip and trendy space! Let's bring some pizzazz to dad's cave with these lightstrips. Beyond just providing mood lights, the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus syncs to Amazon Alexa and music as well! Now, Dad can bust out some dance moves without a disco ball.



I hope this list will help spark some gift ideas for you this Father's Day or any other occasion. You can also check out this list of 10 Tech Moderate Gift Ideas for Dad for some more options. Perhaps Dad doesn't even need a gift..for maybe hearing your voice on a call is all that's needed - that's always a thought too.

Certainly if there's another thoughtful gift that you'd like to add, please let us know in the comments section below.


Sun Kim


Yay! These are great Father’s Day gift ideas! Thanks for including TechWears Circuit Board Tie! :-)

— Drew