It's that time of year for some graduates to transition to a new city, adjust to a new lifestyle or start realizing that family may be people you only see during the holidays. To help with this transition, we've compiled a list of nostalgic techie items mixed with some that are newer in order to provide some memorable gift ideas for your new grad. These fun gifts can act as mementos toward letting them know that you're thinking of them during this season of change.



#1. Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier

Mason Jar Speaker and Amplifier

This is a unique gift for the DIY grad. It takes a mason jar and transforms it into a speaker and can even connect to your guitar or phone. This unexpected combination of turning a mason jar (once used to preserve food or to drink lemonade) into a portable speaker is definitely a good conversation starter. It will be easy for any grad to pack this little guy for their next adventure.



#2. I-1 Analog Instant Camera

I-1 Analog Instant Camera

Here is another item with a retro feel that will be cool for any photo buff. It takes on a hybrid appearance of an old fashioned camera and rotary phone to become an instant Polaroid camera! Beyond the steampunk nostalgic feel, the i-1 connects with your iPhone via Bluetooth where you can adjust aperture settings and multiple exposures before printing on film. This certainly puts a unique spin on the original instant camera.



#3. Phone Storage Workout Bottle

Phone Storage Workout Bottle

Is your grad constantly juggling their phone while staying hydrated at the gym? Why not just drop that phone into a water bottle and go? This ingenious vessel allows for storage for one's phone and keys safely in between water-tight walls while drinking. Made out of Tritan plastic construction and 100% BPA free, this water bottle is leak-proof and definitely handy.



#4. Wearsafe - Wearable Peer to Peer Safety

Wearsafe - Peer to peer wearable safety device

Here is an example of tech at its safest: call for instant help when you don't have time to dial. This keychain-like clipon tag sends "GPS location and audio - allowing networks to hear what’s happening and send help to the exact location." Though Wearsafe is a subscription service ($5/a month), it could provide some peace of mind in place of that large latté. The Wearsafe clipon tag is compatible with iOS and Android.



#5. Dollar Shave Club 

Shave Clubs

For the busy on-the-run grad, one of these subscription services can be a blessing in disguise. Each are able to send packages of quality razor blades and accessories at an affordable price. No more last minute trips to the store or stubbly mornings. Let's help that grad stay sharp with some clean shavin' before that job interview.



#6. Ascend Paper Airplanes Graphic T-shirt

Ascend Graphic T-shirt

Now that your grad has or is about to complete their education, it's time for them to take flight! This techie graphic tee symbolizes their launch toward a new chapter in life - a new page turned. Besides, who wouldn't love paper airplanes enhanced by the power of tech?



#7. Portable USB-Powered Can Refrigerator

Mini USB Fridge

Whether at a work desk or at the library, one can be assured of a nice cool drink with this Mini USB Fridge without ever leaving their laptop! This mini fridge will keep a single 12oz can cold via a USB port! No batteries needed. So if your grad needs to power thru the night to cram or to code, a cold one will literally be at their fingertips.



#8. Steamfast Travel Steam Iron

Steamfast Travel Steam Iron

With this convenient handheld travel iron, your grad can always look fresh and precise while at home or on the road. As one of the smallest irons, it's easy to pack and to use for pressing those hard to iron places on particular garments. It's also dual voltage for overseas travel.



#9. Pulcina Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

Pulcini Espresso Coffee Maker

Usually the caffeine kick gets started in college for those exams or to stay awake to listen to those professors. This 1 cup espresso coffee maker by Michele de Lucchi for Alessi was created with a minor innovation but an important one - it eliminates any 'burnt' aftertaste due to how the special the boiler is designed. Check out their video for more.



#10. Mirrored Alarm Clock

Mirror Clock

It's time for grads to keep track of their own schedules! Here's a mirrored clock that will help them get ready while keeping them on the time. It is touch sensitive and though it runs on cell battery, it can easily be recharged via USB with automatic time updates.



Of course there are numerous other techie products that you can get your grad, but hopefully this list of gift ideas will help narrow your choices down as he or she starts to build their life in this techie world. For more gift ideas, check out our previous list of 10 Techie Gifts for Grads. Or if you have a gift idea that you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below.



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