With the amount of time we spend on our devices like checking in, posting, tweeting, (eh hem - reading this blog post) seconds can easily turn into minutes. One of the most meaningful things in life is being able to create a memory with someone. For this Mother's Day, we've assembled a list of ten gift ideas that could put a smile on Mom's face - whether or not she's into tech. What would Mom prefer – screen time or face time in real life?



#1. Ember Mug


For the Mom who needs her daily caffeine fix, here's a slick modern mug that will keep her favorite coffee or tea at the right temperature. Not only will the Ember Mug keep a beverage at a precise setting for up to 2 hours on the go, it has an elegant and sophisticated look that's sure to please. And for the really techie moms, there's even an app for that! Connect it to Ember's mobile app and she'll be able to remotely change the mug's temperature, name the mug and customize presets for different beverages!



#2. Cooking Class

Roasted Pork

Here's a simple yet rewarding activity where both you and Mom can learn how to make something savory or sweet. Whether it's dim sum, apple pie or even that classic family recipe, the experience of cooking together can be rewarding. Even if you live in different areas, this can still be done through a couple of great online cooking classes. Skillshare has a plethora of culinary courses that make learning easy. If she's not into the class format, there are always great YouTubers like Rasa Malaysia, who teaches everything from how to make Nutella pie to Roasted Pork (pictured above).



#3. Björk Digital at LA Phil

Bjork Digital

Want to blow Mom's mind? Take her to the west coast premiere of Björk Digital in Los Angeles from May 19 - June 4, 2017. This is exhibition is a series of virtual reality experiences that feature music from Björk's latest album while using the latest VR technology. To get a glimpse of the experience, check out her 360 degree VR video on YouTube. Be sure to click on the control buttons in the upper left corner of the video.



#4. Star Chart Mobile App

Star Chart App

For the dreamers, there will always be dreams. For the night sky, there will always be stars. No matter if there's a storm, city lights or even if one is indoors, Mom will be able to see the wonders of the universe with the Star Chart app. All she needs to do with this app is to hold up her iOS or Android device up to the sky to see a 3D simulation of the stars and the respective constellations that they form.

Download Star Chart for iOS | Android



#5. The Carry-On

Away Travel Carry On Bag

For the adventurous and connected mom who likes to travel, this elegant carry-on bag by Away is sure to please. Not only is it well designed with a solid scratch-resistent outer shell and smooth 360° rolling, it comes in 7 different color options and 2 different sizes. But what's most notable is that the Carry-On has a built-in USB charger for convenient charging at the airport or in an Uber. Now Mom can simply plug n play on the go. 



#6. Plant and Watch Your Veggie Garden

Brinno Time Lapse Camera

Invite Mom over to your place or go to your parents home to get your hands dirty and plant seeds or seedlings together. With this past unusually wet winter, I bet anything will grow! No greater joy than to harvest something you planted, and even more so when you can watch the fruits of your labor as they grow using the Brinno time lapse camera ($149). All it takes are 4 AA batteries (and some patience) to start recording over 269,000 frames!



#7. Twinkling Stars Skirt

Twinkling Skirt

This Twinkling Stars Skirt brings the stage to Mom and allows her to literally shine. With two settings, the stars can either twinkle or remain constant. Perhaps each star on this skirt represents all the things she has done for you over the years. Some assembly is required, but it's simple enough as shown in this YouTube assembly video. With this, Mom will not only light up the room but will become a shining trailblazer of wearable tech.



#8. Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet

Celestial Fireworks Bracelet

If the Twinkling Stars Skirt brings too much attention for Mom, and she's more of the subtle but yet still the fashionable type, check out this Celestial Fireworks LED bracelet. Better yet, there's a story to this: the bracelet's sparkling stars display what was captured from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope of Westerlund 2 - a star cluster in the constellation Carina. She'll have to admit that it's pretty spectacular to be able to wear something that's 20,000 light years away on one's wrist!



#9. Emel and Aris Womens Wrap

Emel and Aris Womens Wrap

If you would like to wow Mom and keep her warm in a fashionable and sophisticated manner, this very understated coat will do the job! This Emel and Aris smart coat is made with Loro Piana cashmere and wool and is fitted with their lightweight and proprietary heating system designed to maintain utmost warmth and safety. What's more, this integrated heating system surprisingly uses no wires! Instead, heat is spread through an inert specially-formulated polymer. She'll never see tech in the same fashion ever again.



#10. Moov


Lastly here's a set of devices that go beyond fashion in order to help improve Mom's health. The Moov devices are capable of tracking one's heart rate and movements like a coach. It is as if you were there with her but with more specific encouragement on how strong she is running or how many more reps there are to go. These wearables (starting at $59) can pair with either an iOS and Android mobile app and have a lengthy 6 month battery life. She'll enjoy getting her move on!



Hopefully this list sparks some ideas about the numerous possibilities that you can share with Mom. Regardless of the holiday or an occasion, we all need a reminder of the difference that we can make for Mom. If you have other gift ideas to contribute, you're more than welcome to comment below or follow my blog with Bloglovin.


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