Grads, congrats on being straight outta school! Graduation season is meant to be a big celebration for all the accomplishments we've made, but what I love most about it is the chance to exchange gifts with peers so that we all have something to take with us into the next chapter of life. You cannot miss this post if you are looking to surprise your school besties/buddies with a nice token of your friendship. For those who have grown out of school, these are great gifts for your recent grad, especially if they are techies. Check it out!



#1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Snap the moment. Seize the day. Stay focused.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

Putting things in retrospective keeps us focused on what we set out to do, therefore it is never too late to build a collage of every memorable moment in life. This cute camera captures all the excitement about graduation and beyond. Coming in various colors and a light adjustment dial, it is indeed a most fun gadget to play with at the commencement. Feel free to frame and snap!



#2. Pencil by FiftyThree

The stylus made exclusively for creative souls.

Pencil by Fiftythree

Good education encourages freedom of expression, and your creative friend would love having this tool to present great ideas. Pencil by FiftyThree is more than just a regular stylus. Built with surface pressure and palm rejection when sketching or blending, it's where technology meets the beauty of design. If you are looking for a graduation gift for someone artsy, this gadget has everything, except for the artist's creative mind!



#3. Story Spark In Beta T-Shirt

The fastest way to build Rome? Step by step.

In Beta Graphic T-shirt by Story Spark

Finishing school does not necessarily mean putting a stop to one's learning curve. It's a lifelong process, and it will take a great deal of twists and turns to finally realize our dreams. This graphic t-shirt is perfect for someone who gets concerned easily because they are an overachiever. It is okay to be in beta, because Rome wasn't built in a day. It's important to celebrate and acknowledge every step of the process!



#4. Urban Outfitter Mobile Lens Kit

Embrace diversity. See the world in various perspectives.

Mobile Lens Kit from Urban Outfitters

We all know someone who cannot live without Instagram. You have seen the world through their eyes so many times, and you are happy to take it to the next level. With fisheye, wide angle and macro lenses, this mobile lens kit is sure to spice every photo up by offering a photo-maniac more than one angle. More importantly, it is a friendly reminder that we should learn to put things in multiple perspectives. No matter where we go, stay open-minded.



#5. S'well Mira Mikati Splash Water Bottle

Make a splash. Dance in the rain.

S'well Mira Mikati Splash Water Bottle

Here is a dose of courage for those who are shy and introverted. As a friend or family, you are the best person to let them know that you are proud of their accomplishment as a graduate. This limited-edition collaboration between S'well and London-based artist, Mira Mikati, is the right gift to pick if you want to tell someone that they should not be afraid to step up and make a difference. Make some waves!



#6. Keyboard Waffles Iron

A new recipe for the young chef who always brings delis for sharing: CTRL+ALT+DELicious!

Keyboard Waffle Iron

Know a graduate who is a techie and loves cooking? This is a gadget that brings laughter at first sight. The stove top waffle iron not only produces delicious breakfasts, its generous size also triumphs the spirit of sharing. The cordless construction makes it versatile enough to use either on stove top or grill. You'll be the one who makes the chef techie the star of all house parties. Bon appetit!



#7. Cubebot Small Basic Bundle

Hey team, I'm officially missing you.

Get the Cubebot Small Basic Bundle

Remember those times when we fought like Trojans alongside our team members at school? If you believe in team spirit and its lasting bond beyond graduation, these Cubebot toy robots are perfect for commemorating the good ole' times with your dearest teammates. Seen here are four small wooden toy robots inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles. As toys, they have a variety of poses. As gifts, each robot comes with a unique pattern, which could represent each member of the team. Never let distance do us apart!



#8. The Shot Glass Lens Set

When in doubt, give it a shot.

Canon Lens Shot Glass

From time to time, young people feel there is nothing solid about their future. Commencement parties only intensify that feeling. Now that you've read this, you know what to give to someone who is lost upon finishing school: these mini ceramic shot cups! They are built for graduates in need of a confident transition to their next chapter. A shot of espresso is all they'll need to finish the job!



#9. Scratch Map Deluxe

Around the world in 80 years. Bon voyage!

Scratch Map Deluxe

For the average joe, this is nothing more than a world map. For a techie whose life goal is to tour around the world, it's a personal travel log that allows them to track every destination landed, yet in an old-fashioned way. Just scratch the copper foil print over a country to reveal the vibrant color underneath once a trip comes to an end. Yes, it's the opposite of leveraging technology, but a real techie would appreciate such a fun gift. It's all about having the innovative and adventurous spirit!



#10. Steampunk Desktop Recycler

Sustainability is the new chic.

The Steampunk Desktop Recycler

There are a number of subjects that never end with us leaving school, and sustainability is one of them. The concept of preserving our natural resources and being eco-friendly is never too old for a young graduate. Made for those who are geared up for a busier schedule down the road, this hand-crafted recycler keeps sticky notes, pens and other stationary cleverly organized. The steampunk style makes it a must-have for techies who enjoy a vintage take on technological inventions. Heal the world!



Whether you are looking to offer congratulations, recognition or encouragement, I'm sure you will find a gem from the above. Also check out another 10 Techie Grad Gift Ideas. Want an even better idea? Show up at the commencement for your beloved one(s) and deliver the gift in person. Let them know that you are so proud of what they have accomplished, and that you will always have faith in all their future endeavors. Last but not least, stay tuned for more gift ideas and techie fun!


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