To all techies: mark the 3rd Sunday of June on your calendar. Why? It is a day that is often overlooked yet so integral to family, thankfulness and love. This year's Father's Day will fall on that Sunday, and I encourage everyone to take full advantage of it. This IS the occasion to show your family man that you are grateful for having him in your life. Here is a list of 10 techie gift ideas (under $100) for you to show your appreciation of their contributions. These finds are sure to wow your techie dad/uncle/grandfather. They are also great for anyone in general who would enjoy an inspiring and fun gadget.



#1. Google Virtual Reality Cardboard

Invite him to explore the world's wonder without the hassle of packing. A perfect get-away experience for your busy dad.

Google Cardboard

Want a break from work? The Google VR Cardboard is a simple yet fun fix to a dad's daily routine on weekends. This affordable gadget enables you to deliver the world of virtual reality right to the person who has led you to discover so much of the world's beauty. With this gadget on, all he needs is his smartphone to kickstart the adventure!



#2. Apple Woven Nylon Watch Band

He is already a high-tech chic with the watch. Add another stylish yet comfortable accessory.

Apple Woven Nylon Watch Band

Show dad that you admire him not just for being an awesome dad, but also for his fashion taste. Help him customize his Apple Watch with the latest nylon watch band series, the comfortable, fabric-like collection. Just one tip before you place your order: do your homework and get his favourite color right!



#3. Skeye HD Camera Mini Drone Quadcopter

You believe he can fly. Let him take the helm and show you all the tricks and turns.

SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera

All techies are boys at heart. This quadcopter enables the pilot to show off all flying tricks with a remote control. Plus, he gets a free front row seat view with an 1280×720 HD camera. Equipped with 4 strong propellers, this is what he needs to stay motivated. Be adventurous. The sky is the limit.



#4. Story Spark Bar Code Graphic T-Shirt

After all these years, he's earned it. Time for a real drink.

Story Spark Bar Code Graphic T-shirt

You may not have seen him at work, but you know he is highly accomplished. Let him know that he can celebrate in a techie way with this technology-inspired design. The Bar Code graphic t-shirt is a one-of-a-kind statement, making him stand out even more outside the work place. Work hard. Play harder!



#5. M.R.K.T Kel Briefcase

Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Stay organized.

Kel Briefcase

Here comes a techie and stylish take on a classic bag. Inspired by modern architecture, this clean-cut briefcase is built to protect a guy's tech accessories and personal belongings. No more messy earphone cables! You can help him push the boundaries of organization.



#6. Fitbit Flex

May the health be with him. No nagging.

Fitbit Flex

You care about his well-being, but you also know he's in need of a little nudge. Fitbit Flex wristband does more than tracking all-day activity and monitor calories. It makes fitness a part of his life by offering the exact amount of motivation needed. Clever trick!



#7. ThinkGeek R2-D2 USB Car Charger

If he likes Star Wars, this IS the droid he's been looking for.

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Every Star Wars fan could use an R2 in real life, and that's where you come in. This miniature R2 unit is the coolest car charging station manager you could ever find for your SW fan dad. It sits right in the cupholder while elegantly handling two devices each time. Plug in. Power up. The SW team is ready to hit the road.



#8. AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen

Nothing is impossible. Just draw it.

Atmosflare 3d Pen

Creativity often stems from the capability of letting go. If he is an innovative spirit at heart, you can help his imagination run wild by handing him this 3D drawing pen. No blueprint required when you sketch and sculpt out of thing air!



#9. Griffin No. 2 Pencil Stylus

Back to the future. Nostalgia guaranteed.

Griffin Number 2 Pencil Stylus

This is the pencil he grew up with. It is also the pen you grew up with. Shaped like the classic No.2 pencil, the Griffin touchscreen stylus symbolizes the evergreen part of life, something durable and time-defying. It can be your way of saying that you will always be there for him.



#10. Sena iPhone Wallet Book

The lighter, the better. A one-stop shop for his phone and cards.

Sena iPhone Wallet Book

Is he tired of carrying a thick wallet around? If so, here comes your solution for him. The Sena iPhone Wallet Book holds his iPhone, driver's license and credit cards all in one place. It is handcrafted with premium leather that ages beautifully over time. Give him some space!



This list hopefully will get you started on something meaningful for this Father's Day. The key to having a memorable gift is to make it personal, so remember to add a card and some cheerful words. Also be sure to check out this list of 10 Techie Gift Ideas for Dad. You're more than welcome to comment below if you have other gift ideas to contribute!


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