With the change in season upon us, it's a great time to inject some creativity into our every day lives. Thus we wanted to share some tools, ways to display your art, and ways to capture a moment - all in support of expressing oneself. Whether it is something for you or as a gift for someone else, these finds are worth taking a look to spark some perspective and ideas. Please note: none of the products mentioned below are sponsors or affiliated with STORY SPARK - we just think they're cool and helpful!



#1. Copic Classic - $155 (for 36-pen basic set)


Copic Classic is the first set of markers introduced by Copic. Copic Classic is available in more than 200 colours. It is the most expensive marker in the copic series due to its ability to hold ink more than any other marker. Drawing, doodling, expressing yourself is great way to create something that comes directly from you. Copics have a pretty long shelf life since it can be refilled 9 times once its ink is used up.



#2. Case Crown Backpack - starting at $70

Case Crown

An elegant looking Campus Backpack by CaseCrown is one of the best gifts you can give someone. With a classic colour combination, this bag is not just about looks, it also has the capacity to hold a 15” laptop without any issues. A traditional backpack but with padding decent enough to keep your laptop or any other device safe.



#3. Heritage White Wash Lap Desk - $39.99

 Lap Desk

With LapGear’s Heritage Lap desk, you can comfortably have your laptop and create while you binge on Netflix. Lap desks add to the comfort of using your laptops no matter were you are. This would indeed be a Techie gift for your buddies who like to multitask.



#4. FinalStraw - $30

Final Straw

If you need a straw, you can carry one with you always with a stainless steel straw like Finastraw. This amazing techie straw is made from stainless steel and it can be easily bent and reused whenever you want. Better yet, maybe you can drink without a straw too!



#5. Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad  - $26.95

Quartet Board

Good ideas are hard to come by and when they do, you need to jot them done somewhere safe. Your Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Desktop Computer Pad is a techie innovation. Whether you have a meeting scheduled or you are brainstorming an idea, this gorgeous glass computer pad will be there for you. It looks good, it is a cool thing and it is a pretty handy gift for your colleagues.



#6. Freewrite Smart Typewriter - $549

Get Free Write

With innovations, this world seems to add to its distractions as well. For a writer, the most important thing is focus. Freewriter’s smart typewriter is a latest invention that helps you type down all your ideas on your screen without any distraction of Internet or anything similar. It increases productivity by a huge margin.



#7. Prynt - starting at $65


Prynt photo printer brings Polaroid cameras back to life. By attaching this device to your smartphone, you can simply develop images instantly once to take them from your cell phone. It is a techie’s dream invention and there won’t be any better gift for your loved one, than an instant photo printer.



#8. Pix Backpack - $259


Pix backpack is any traveller’s dream. With a build-in LED screen, you can play games or watch animations and images on this bag. Once you get this, you can always entertain others while you get to your destination.



#9. Cupixel - $69.99


Paintings add to the beauty of a house. How about you get a painting of one of your photos while sitting at home. The amazing Cupixel lets you use software and change any picture of yours into a stunning and artistic piece of art.



#10. Fit Flop - $160

Fit Flop


Elegant heels or comfortable sneakers, Fitflop’s wide range of classic and ethnic shoes is worth admiring. It is hard to believe but there is an underlining technology in these shoes called "Microwobbleboard" technology where it provides most comfort while absorbing shock and diffusing underfoot pressure. Whether you need shoes for your office or you are looking to gift your mom on her 50th birthday, a wide variety will make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.



We hope you find these tools either inspiring to get started with your own creativity or to inspire someone else. Also be sure to check out our original tech-inspired graphic tees and art prints as a unique gift option!



Sun Kim
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