We never knew what entrepreneurship or small business really meant until the launch of STORY SPARK. The lows and the highs can all happen in the same breath sometimes. We embrace it though and along with it is not only learning by doing but also by being open to the experiences of others. In this case, it's by listening to a range of podcasts! We share in hopes that these may help a fellow entrepreneur as well! Please note: none of the podcasts mentioned below are sponsors or affiliated with STORY SPARK - we just think they're helpful!



#1. Marketing School - Digital Marketing with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Marketing School Podcast

These are short (less than 10 minute) episodes where two marketers, Neil Patel and Eric Siu, share their latest tools and insights about digital marketing. Sometimes it so much information, just listening to it feels like you got something done. If anything, you will stay informed about the latest and greatest marketing insight for any type of business.



#2. We Are Netflix

We are Netflix Podcast

Podcasts produced about the company can sometimes feel like a long commercial right? But at the same time, what better way to hear about a company's culture than from the employees themselves. This direct conversation between employees can help filter out what the press says about Netflix and what the employees say. There are nuggets to listen for as these may be something to apply to your own business.



#3. Inside Trader Joe's

 Inside Trader Joe's Podcast

Like the one above about Netflix, this one is about the grocery store chain, Trader Joe's. However the feel of this one feels more on the Trader Joe's brand where we listen to executive interviews and their overall process. It does inspire to know how they work for their customers.



#4. Legal Road Map with Autumn Witt Boyd

Legal Road Map Podcast

Even though we don't have a family lawyer to turn to, this podcast is as close as we can get from receiving some great information about the legalities of running a creative business. This podcast is fairly new and they just aired their 100th episode. It's good to hear broad strokes on what to be aware of when you hire someone or when you do partnerships etc. The insights help better prepare you to face some reality of running a self-business.



#5. Ask Pat 2.0: A weekly coaching call

Ask Pat Podcast

This is set up like a coach answering questions from one player at a time. Pat Flynn does a great job in providing in-depth ideas to the caller's business questions. He limits the amount of self promotion for his tools but rather suggests what is appropriate to the caller's needs. You can relate and also gain some insights from each business owner's questions.




We hope these podcasts brought some insight and stories on how you can improve your own business. There's so much out there and please share if you also have  favorites too! You can easily find these podcasts on iTunes or any platform that plays podcasts.



Sun Kim
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