Life gets crazy busy — and sometimes we can use a little nudge to remind us of the important things (cough cough... Mother’s Day on May 8)

Yes, it’s that time of year again, where you rack your brain for the perfect gift to give to the incredible women in your life. You want to show her she’s loved and appreciated, and we know you could use a little help. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite techy gifts for this Mother’s Day, so you can spark a smile on her face and create another lasting memory.


#1. Tile

How many times have you heard your mom ask if you’ve seen her keys? Get her a tile, and losing her keys, phone, wallet, and more will be a thing of the past.




#2. Oculus

Give mom a break from the real world with a cool new VR headset! It’ll help her unwind and unleash her inner creativity from the comfort of home.




#3. Heated Blanket

Keep your mom warm all year long with a heated blanket. With five heat settings and soft, plush fabric, this blanket will keep her cozy and warm no matter what season.

Heated Blanket



#4. Phone Sanitizer

After a long day, help your mom have peace of mind that she doesn’t have germs crawling all over her phone. The PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer will kill 99% of bacteria on her phone and do the cleaning for her while she relaxes and de-stresses.

Phone Sanitizer



#5. Digital Picture Frame

Going through boxes of old photographs stuffed in closets is so not what moms need. A digital photo frame will help her display a rotation of her favorite photos in a sleek frame.

Digital Picture Frame



#6. Polaroid Camera

Not everything has to be modern to be techy! A polaroid camera will give mom the fun of a vintage classic, and allow her to capture precious moments.


Polaroid Camera 



#7. Customizable Phone Case

If the tile doesn’t save mom from losing her phone, maybe having her name on it will! Grab her a customizable phone case so her accessories can be as unique as she is.

Customizable Phone Case



#8. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Moms everywhere love some peace — what better place than in the bath or shower, listening to her favorite true crimes podcast? This waterproof bluetooth speaker will let mom truly enjoy her space, without having to settle for quiet.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker



#9. Handbag Light

Let’s face it, a messy purse is just a fact of life for most moms. This handbag light will help her locate anything in that void of a bag, using a simple motion sensor (meaning she doesn’t even have to locate the light itself!)

Handbag Light



#10. Travel Tech Organizer

Keep mom organized with a travel tech organizer, so she can keep all her chords and tech accessories easy to access.

Travel Tech Organizer


What do you think of these Mother’s Day gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below, and if you need more inspiration, check out our Mother’s Day gift guide from previous years!