Clubhouse is more than just an app for your eyes. It is a real-time audio app for your ears! Essentially for me this app has replaced podcasts. Due to its real-time nature, it has appealed to my wow-did-they-just-say-it-for-reals senses. And just like that, my ears have turned all red from listening to it constantly. non-stop. Below are some overheard #Clubhouse gems. Apologies for the inability to provide attributions as people speak very fast! 


#1. "Nobody on social media wants to see something on the down"



#2. "What got you here will not take you to the next level"



#3. "Design my day by giving value. Who can I give value today"



#4. "Let them know you"



#5. "Take the time to heal"



#6. "Tie your brand to a ribbon and tie it to all the gifts you give"



#7. "Control the frame, giving metaphors, tell the story"



#8. "For any virality clause, put in a time limit and put a cap limit on any bonus"



#9. "Hashtags are like SEO (on TikTok)"



#10. "Share your personal story"



Has there been a favorite saying that you've heard? If so, we hope you'll share in the comments below. Also if you would like to join Clubhouse, we still have a few invite codes to share. You can currently download the app from the iOS App Store.

I'm finished speaking. ;)


Sun Kim