While we've been social distancing during this past year, it is reassuring to know that the outdoors have been quietly waiting for us to come out and play. To help you enjoy the most of it, here are 10 cool items we came across that you could bring with you on your next camping trip.


#1. Emergency Survival Whistle

Starting with the very basics, the TI-EDC Titanium Keychain Whistle is a must-have for going out into the wilderness. Sleek, waterproof, and portable, this whistle is sure to be reliable in tough situations.

Emergency Survival Whistle



#2. Portable Pressurized Camp Shower and Sprayer

Love the outdoors but hate the messiness? Helio's portable pressurized shower gives adventurers the comfort of an indoor shower while being outdoors. The sprayer is pressurized through a foot pump, allowing for 5-7 minutes of continuous spray.

Portable Shower



#3. Portable Coffee Maker

Wacacao's portable coffee maker will free up both the time and space it takes to make traditional coffee without electricity. Pipamoka uses vacuum pressure to filter hot water through the coffee grounds at the top of the mug. In two minutes, you'll be able to have coffee without the hassle or extra dishes!

Portable Coffee Maker



#4. Powerful Headlamp

MyPetzl's NAO+ headlamp is a step up from any other flashlight. With 750 lumens of power, NAO+ pairs with their mobile app where the battery can be checked and the brightness can be adjusted. NAO+ also automatically adjusts to the amount of light outside in order to maximize battery use.

Powerful Headlamp



#5. Paracord Bracelet

The Atomic Bear's survival bracelets wrap five tools in one: a fire starter, compass, emergency whistle, ferro rod striker, and 12 feet of military-grade paracord. The bracelet also comes with an adjustable strap to fit most wrists. This bracelet is a must have for those going off the beaten path or any beginners wishing to have a safety net!




#6. Rechargeable Lighter

Saber's Sparq rechargeable lighter is a completely new way to start a fire. Sparq incorporates innovative technology through relying on free form plasma energy to power this lighter. Instead of fuel, Sparq ues a rechargable lithium ion cell that has a battery power life of three hours.


Reechargeble Firestarter



#7. Portable Refrigerator

For the techies and foodies, the Alpicool CF55 Portable Fridges allow you to expand your camping cooking while using innovative tech. The fridge runs on a car battery but has built-in protection to prevent the battery from running down. The fridge also has an LCD display panel, connects to Bluetooth, and has built-in LED lights.

Portable Refrigerator



#8. Single Camping Sleeping Bags

MalloMe's single sleeping bag covers all the basics for those headed outdoors. The sleeping bag relies on double-layer technology to make it waterproof and weather resistant. Made of 100% polyester, the bag is lightweight and portable. It also includes an opening at the bottom to allow for air flow during the hot summer nights.

Waterproof sleeping bag



#9. Waterproof Camping Tent

The Quechua 2 Second Tent takes away all the usual hassle of setting up shelter. Simply unfold the tent and enjoy this waterproof, wind resistant, and heat resistant shelter.

Waterproof Tent



#10. Pro Stove

The Pinnacle Pro Stove is the highly anticipated release of a whole new kind of camping stove. The Pinnacle Pro Stove is designed to take up 50% less space than a normal camping stove and weighs in under 10 pounds. With a sleek and modern design, the stove also features patent-pending ultra-thin high output 11,000 BTU burners.



The great outdoors is full of wonder, and if all else fails at least we know that nature is there to embrace us and welcome us into the wilderness. If you have other suggested products to share, please add them by commenting below. By the way, we are not affiliated with any of the products listed here (we just think that they're cool).

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