While there are new apps coming out daily, this real-time audio app that has reached over 8 million subscribers is one called "Clubhouse". From the user experience of the actual app (which feels like it's modeled after an industry conference) to its brilliant marketing, Clubhouse is full of audio gems. This may be a frequent topic as we share some funny and insightful quotes people have said on the app. Apologies for the inability for attributions as people speak very fast! 


#1. "Ego is an expensive hobby"



#2. "Give fast, ask later"



#3. "Facts tell, stories sell"



#4. "Think in decades"



#5. "Create a brand that creates a demand"



#6. "Spend for something, stand for something"



#7. "People love to learn on this platform"



#8. "Come from a empowered mentality"



#9. "Don't be shy, look at sky"



#10. "Just be yourself"


Has there been a favorite saying that you've heard? If so, we hope you'll share in the comments below. Also if you would like to join Clubhouse, we still have a few invite codes to share. You can currently download the app from the iOS App Store.

I'm finished speaking. ;)


Sun Kim