One day celebrations often remind us to be thankful for those around us, and at this time it's mom! Every type of mom deserves a message that they are appreciated, right? Like the flowers that spring up every season, their relentlessness and support is on-going and unwavering. Though we may not have always expressed our gratitude as often as we should, it's never too late to show them that they are never forgotten! So for this spring season, we've assembled a list of techy yet unique Mother's Day gift ideas that may help her spark a smile.


#1. Mobile Phone Printer

Print real photos wirelessly from mom's smartphone or tablet. This mobile printer can be used anywhere - perfect for her parties, travel and outdoor events!

Mobile Print



#2. Friendship Lamp

Friendship lamps are a unique way to connect with people you love across the country and around the world! Simply tap your lamp and your loved one’s lamp will turn on! Send colors, convey messages and bridge the gap in the distance that separates you!

Friendship Lamp



#3. Blue Light Glasses

With transparent blue block lenses, these stylish tortoiseshell optical glasses can help protect her eyes. When mom is trolling you on social media, you can be rest assured that her to prying eyes will be safe.

Blue Light Glasses



#4. Pixel Heart Coffee Mug

Just add mom's favorite hot beverage and watch these mugs morph right before her eyes. Made of thermographic inks, these mugs react to heat, revealing new and fun artwork. As her beverage cools, the graphics change back to their original state.

Pixel Heart Mugs



#5. Self-Heating Ceramic Mug

This cool mug keeps your drink at a just-right 130°F using its stay-hot superpowers (well, electromagnetic technology to be more precise). As a bonus: it’s even spill-resistant!

Self Heating Mug



#6. Molecular Mixology Kit

Molecular Mixology Kit has all the necessary tools, additives, and recipes to transform mom's favorite drinks into extraordinary cocktails. Bubbles that will explode in her mouth, layered martinis, and airy foams for your tequila shots, thanks to plant-based additives and a few specialized but user-friendly tools.


Molecular Mix Kit 



#7. Water Garden

Hydroponics will create a sleek, low maintenance, self-watering planter for growing luscious bamboo, succulents, and houseplants. Customize the interior of the tank and create a beautiful underwater scene. If mom chooses to add a fish to this Water Garden, she'll get to experience the magic of aquaponics! The Water Garden becomes a self-cleaning fish tank that also grows fresh food on top. The fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water — so fewer water changes are required!

Water Garden



#8. Circuit Board Clear Acrylic Coasters

These repurposed circuit board and clear acrylic coasters will help add a contemporary and elegant look to her coffee table while providing a unique table piece for her to rest her favorite drink.

Circuit Coasters



#9. Caffeine Earrings

If mom likes caffeine and biology, these fun, minimalist and light earrings definitely hit the mark! This fashionable jewelry is handmade and is even delivered in cute tea bags!

Caffeine Earrings



#10. Book Lovers' Soy Candles

Scented candles evoke fictional worlds, literary characters, and the pleasure of reading. These would be another delightful way for mom to explore stories... thru the sense of smell!

Soy Candles


As you may have noticed, this Mother's Day gift list aims for a wide range of gift choices. Hopefully it provides a unique selection that represents the unique qualities of our moms! If you discovered something different and would like to share, please let us know by adding a comment.

I hope that you'll discover something special to express your appreciation for your mom this Mother's Day. For more options, please check out some of our other gift lists like our Techy and Unique Gift Ideas.



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