Father's Day is June 20th this year, which will also be the first day of summer! Kick off the summer with dad and give a gift that surprises him with how well you may actually know him! To help you with that goal, we've once again explored cyberspace to assemble a list of 10 possible gift ideas for dad. And btw, we're not affiliated with any of the products on this Father's Day gift list, they're just discoveries that hopefully will help you navigate your gift hunting journey. Enjoy!


#1. Theragun mini

After a long day, a little massage goes a long way. This portable massager is small enough to fit into your pocket. So when that ask comes in, just pull this pain reliever out and let it run for a targeted and up to 150-minute massage!

Dad Gift: Theragun massager



#2. Growler Werks

When Dad loves a cold beer or a hot coffee - this steampunk-inspired brewer and dispenser can certainly appease both! They'll just have to pick which drink to make - one GrowlerWerk can make one drink type at a time. With the patented Nitro pressurization system, coffee can certainly be on demand. But if a cold drink is called for, their uKeg 64 can certainly satisfy that libation.

Gifts for Him - Growler Werks Coffee Brewer



#3. Tooletries Shower Organizer

We know that person who likes to separate their veggies from their meat..well, here is this neat ultimate shower organizer, where Dad can separate his razor from his toothbrush. Even the mirror is separated and fog-free!

Gifts for Dad: Shower Organizer



#4. Electric Fire Starter

Though this may look like a curling iron at first glance, this is actually a fire starter for any charcoal grill with no CO2 emissions.

Dad Gift Guide: Electric Fire Starter



#5. Classic Bidet

Rather than a heated shave, how about a heated tushy? With a tagline of "The Most Thoughtful Bidet in the World", how can you go wrong with this very thoughtful gift?

Funny Fathers Day Gift - Tushy Bidet



#6. Acupressure Slippers Sandals

When dads like to be efficient and sometimes do two things at once, he may enjoy this foot massager while he's driving or out running errands.



Fathers Day Gift Ideas: Acupressure Foot Massager




#7. Eume Backpack Massager

Now that we've almost got dad covered from head to bottom, how about this backpack with a massager? This may appear to be an ordinary backpack, but when he's still carrying one around like he's in college, this patented 3-mode massager might help him relax and give him strength. And look at all those pockets!

Fathers Day Gift Idea: Eume Backpack Massager



#8. Wireless Headphone Hat

If dad ever wanted to be like James Bond but without the black tie, here's this wireless headphone beanie that allows him to easily answer his mission-critical calls and listen to his music.



#9. Heated Razor

If dad likes a clean warm shave, this CES winner will surprise him. This razor has 5 blades with adjustable heat for an optimal temperature to his liking. He'll have a warm shave along with a warm smile.




#10. Washable Wired Keyboard

You know there will be late nights with dad working at his computer, typing away  and then suddenly spills his drink or coffee on the keyboard! But he's not worried, because you got him this amazing washable wireless keyboard! So all is still good and no files lost! :)



Every year we strive to put together a unique list of gifts for dad that range from heavy tech to none at all - because that's the range of the advice that dad give us, right? Some are so practical and some have to be figured out ourselves. We hope that each gift idea above is something that can show how much we appreciate our dads.

For more gift ideas, please check out some of our other gift guides like our Techy and Unique Gift Ideas or our 10 Techie Gift Ideas for Dads, Grandpas and Uncles. If you have your own suggestions, please feel free to comment below. We're always on the lookout for more unique and cool gifts!



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