Story Spark is thrilled to announce our special partnership with New York-based Space Rabbit! The collaboration has been in the works throughout 2022, and we couldn’t be more excited to let you in on the reveal of the launch of these special new designs, which will be featured as both Story Spark and Space Rabbit merchandise.

We were lucky enough to meet the Space Rabbit team, Kun-I and Shih-Wen, several years ago at DesignerCon, and we quickly realized our shared passion for pop culture, unique storytelling, technology, and creating original characters. Releasing this collaboration at DesignerCon as a 2022 exclusive couldn’t be more fitting.

Our special collaboration, titled "Power Up", celebrates the intersection of organic and technical exploration. With creative expression, you can wield the power to explore new worlds — it’s time to believe in yourself, get set, and take off! When you power up with confidence, anything can happen. Designed for the creative collaborator, our Space Rabbit x STORY SPARK exclusive merchandise will help you spark inspiration and be your own superhero. In addition, be sure to check out some fun animations by Space Rabbit Studio on our YouTube channel that encourage positive energy!

Space Rabbit will release 16 limited-edition Story Spark-themed Space Rabbit art toys. These resin-casted figurines are so incredible, and to have them in the Story Spark universe is very special to us. They will be creating the following figurines - all hand-painted personally by the Space Rabbit team:

On the Story Spark side, we will be launching a new graphic t-shirt design called Power Up, which features the Space Rabbit character in full Story Spark mode — flying high, powered by positive energy, spreading joy wherever it lands. With unique graphics on the front and back of the shirt and silkscreen printed on our usual super-soft fabrics, this special graphic tee is a must-have. We’re doing a limited print run, so definitely grab them as soon as you can before they run out! The shirt will be offered in sizes XS-XXL.

All of these special products will be released exclusively at this year’s DesignerCon in Anaheim, California from November 18-20, 2022.

UPDATE: the 4.5" glow in the dark Space Rabbit and 3" black Space Rabbit figures are currently sold out. Please visit the Space Rabbit web store to purchase the last remaining 3.5" Power Up Space Rabbits while they last!


Black and Gold Power Up Special Edition Space Rabbit / Story Spark collaboration

4 inch glow in the dark Power Up Space Rabbit art toy - collaboration with Story Spark

Art Toys - Power Up Special Edition Space Rabbit / Story Spark collaboration

Story Spark + Space Rabbit collaborative graphic t-shirt

Back of Power Up graphic t-shirt by STORY SPARK

Power Up - Space Rabbit graphic t-shirt by STORY SPARK

Power Up - Space Rabbit + Story Spark


Space Rabbit is a New York-based creative studio specializing in telling stories through mixed media. They have created short films and directed music videos and commercials, while simultaneously producing original artworks with a focus on designer toys. They have their favorite mediums and styles but are always curious about exploring new languages in their works.


STORY SPARK is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the connection between technology and people. Today’s digital age is incredible, and its efficiencies are inherently intertwined with everyday life. But sometimes we can forget to enjoy exactly what it means to be just human. At STORY SPARK, we believe technology should aid in the expression of who you are. Helping you give a thoughtful gift is just part of the story. We want to help you tell a story, show your spark, and share a real smile.