In a previous post, we thought about Mom with a list of amazing podcasts to enrich the soul. This time for Dad, well, we are thinking about a list of gift ideas that consist of more tangible things that he may enjoy. He is on his journey and may be helping you with yours, so let's try to give back. I think about my own father and realize that he is a part of me on whichever path I am on now. I hope you and your dad find this eclectic gift list handy for this Father's Day and beyond. (photo by Alex Flash)



#1. Square Bike

Square Bike - standing desk bike

For the working dad or one who already has everything (which is like most) this compact space-saving stationery bike could be an excellent gift. Perfect for the home or office, it is easy to slide out for a quick aerobic session while multitasking on his tablet. Plus when folded up, it is slim, modern and sleek. You can't go wrong with that!



#2. Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual calendar

A calendar mid-year? Whether at the office or in the garage, here's a visually interesting calendar that is functional and has a distinct decorative element. With its circular design, this unique wall calendar brings the date to a single focus - one day at a time. Which means there's no need to switch it out every year.



#3. Eco Thermometer Clock

eco thermal calendar

Who says Father Time has to be boring? If Dad is into more data than just the typical, then check out this waterproof multi-function thermometer clock. It tells the temperature and the phases of the moon at the same time (no pun intended) - helpful for the dad who loves some obscure facts.



#4. Tree of Light Lamp

Tree of Light

This beautiful tree lamp is not only a work of art, it also does double duty. It takes its presence in the room as an art piece but really is an advanced night light. Dad will be impressed with its ability to play his favorite tunes while charging his phone. It is especially helpful with its built-in night light timer for now he can sleep easy knowing that his phone will be fully charged too!



#5. The Daily Regime

The Daily Regime by Gentlemen's Brand Co

No matter how young or old Dad is, he still needs to take of himself! How about giving him a set of The Daily Regime skincare products by Gentlemen's Brand Co? Not only are they of high quality, they make it easy for him by providing some simple instructions: body wash, face wash and then moisturize. Move over Old Spice!



#6. DeskView


Now for something a little futuristic. Imagine Dad working from a glass wall. What? You may ask.. it will help to watch their incredible video. This product is a first in its class for it's basically a window-mounted standing desk! It's one step closer to the day he can work in "Minority Report" style.



#7. Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mower

If Dad is into robotics or automation for that matter, having a robot working for him is best! Does he dread the chore of mowing the lawn? Then how about an outdoor robot that cuts the grass? Check out this pre-programmed robotic lawn mower by Worx. Just imagine his satisfaction of watching a gadget take care of a weekly chore. Be sure to program it correctly, otherwise, this convenience could turn into more than a technical headache.



#8. Jerky's Gourmet

jerkys gourmet

If dad likes jerky, this one is a killer. We recently came across Jerky's Gourmet at one of our popup events and couldn't get enough of it! Not only was the jerky rich and juicy in flavor, it's sourced from 100% grass fed beef with no hormones or nitrates. It makes for a tasty treat on the go. Popular flavors are Sweet Citrus, Black Pepper, and Smokehouse BBQ - our favs!



#9. Bluetooth Shower Head

Bluetooth shower head

Give Dad music he can sing to in the best place in the house: the shower! This bluetooth-enabled speaker/shower head pairs with the iPhone and can play up to 12 hours of tunes. If we wonder why Dad is in the bathroom for so long, hmmm this might be one reason!



#10. Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality graphic tshirt - virtual reality godzilla

Lastly, we gotta add in one of our new favorite graphic tees titled: Mixed Reality. This will remind him of days gone by yet will also remind him of the current times as well. No matter what the day may bring, everyone needs time to escape and mix things up a little, right?



Whether it's for Father's Day, a birthday or just because, I sincerely hope that there is something in this list that helps you find the perfect gift for your dad! You can also check out our 10 Techy Gift Ideas for Father's Day as well. Please feel free to share a neat "tech moderate" find by adding a comment below. Cheers!



Sun Kim
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