10 Techy Gift Ideas for Father's Day

10 Techy Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Fathers bring wisdom to our lives whether it's through sharing their own past experiences or sharing new experiences with us. My dad was the “guide dad” – he pointed me to a direction, and it was up to me whether or not I cross that bridge. Regardless of what road I took, he was always there which I don’t take for granted. Let's honor our fathers on this Father’s Day by giving them some amazing well deserved gifts and heartfelt appreciation.



#1. Digital Tape Measure - $29.95


eTape16’s tape measure, an innovative product, comes with a digital display. The measurements are shown on the display which makes for excellent accuracy. You can even change the settings of the display from inches to cm and vice versa. Easy peasy!



#2. The Hobo Knife - $48


This 3-in-1 stainless steel utensil set provides a modern touch to the old pocket knife. It has three slots that include a knife, a spoon, and a fork. Its small size makes it a perfect gift that your father can carry around or put in the glove compartment of his car.



#3. The June Oven - $599


An all-in-one oven that helps you cook food while you sit back and relax! It is a smart appliance that can also be operated through an app. It automatically recognizes the type of food inside and cooks to the desired results. Perfect for fathers who enjoy efficiency and delicious meals.



#4. M4 Stand For iPhone - $34.99


Even though technology is advancing, there's nothing better than experiencing a little technology from the past. The M4 Stand lets you convert your iPhone into a classic Apple Macintosh. Dad might have used or at least seen this Mac in his youth, which would make this a fun retro reminder of when microcomputers began.



#5. Bottle Opener Sandals  - $55


Dad might have seen a lot of unique bottle openers but nothing can match the uniqueness and convenience of this bottle opener sandal! These Reef sandals are affixed with a bottle opener at the bottom of the sole. Talk about being a walking tool!



#6. Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set - $99.99


Fathers are always the go-to guy when you want something fixed in your home. Thus the Thor Hammer Tool Set can make for an amazing gift that reminds Dad that he is worthy of the hammer! You can just press a button and VOILA this toolset with nearly 44 high-quality pieces will open!



#7. Sleepy Ride - $19.99


If your father travels on a regular basis then he is sure to get tired of all those hectic plane rides. Get your father a Sleepy Ride Footrest made from high-quality memory foam. It can be affixed on the seat in front of him and he can rest his feet on the soft foam.



#8. Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad - $49.99


Lessen Dad's stress level by always keeping his phone charged. This lightweight wireless charging pad by Belkin can charge through most plastic phone cases. This works well and can also be used to charge Qi-compatible phones too.



#9. Plazmatic Lighter - $39.99 


The Plazmatic Lighter is technologically advanced and comes with a childproof lock. It can even light up in tough windy conditions. The best thing about this lighter is that it is butane-free and can be recharged with a USB cable!



#10. Bigfoot on an E-Scooter Graphic Tee - $27

Bigfoot on a Scooter Graphic t-shirt by Story Spark

From our very own collection, the "Go Big" graphic tee is a great Fathers Day gift idea for those who appreciate tall tales and a chuckle. Thank Dad with this graphic tee for all of his countless of anecdotes and lessons so that we may stay on track - believe it or not...



No matter how close or far your dad is, we hope that one of these gift ideas will help you find a thoughtful way to reach out to him!



Sun Kim

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