Gifting someone a funny gift or a heart-warming present never gets old. Oftentimes, it can be quite a challenge to find a unique gift idea that is worth pursuing. So STORY SPARK is here to help! We'll keep marching on and have assembled our annual holiday gift guide. You may see a theme of distance and nostalgia in this collection of gift ideas - a combination that seems to ring true for many of us this year.


#1. Humango Toys Mars Dust Globe

The Mars Dust globe is a cosmic twist on a snow globe, encasing a detailed Mars with an adult and child astronaut. When shaken, the sphere becomes filled with a rusty red haze. This globe will be a fun addition to any desk! It's sold out on the creator's website, but we did find it on Amazon at the time of writing this. 

Unique Tech Gifts: Mars Dust Globe by Humango Toys



#2. Sparko Sweets - Galaxy Lollipops

Sparko Sweets has a variety of out of this world lollipops that feature space themes. Several pieces include stars, cosmos, auroras, supernovas, planets, and more! They also have sugar free options!

Techy and Unique Gifts: Space Lollipops



#3. Around the World Radio

The City Radio is a whole new way to listen to the radio! Paired with the app, this device allows the listener to tune in to over 18 different cities from around the world!

Cool Gift Ideas: Global Radio



#4. Positive News

Positive News offers a break from the everyday bad news by telling stories about inspiring individuals along with social and environmental progress. Celebrate human advancement with these magazine issues four times a year, in January, April, July, and October!

Unique Gift: Positive News Magazine



#5. Rotary Calendar

A clever take on the calendar, this rotary calendar is not only practical but stylish. The calendar’s bold red, yellow, and blue colors makes its minimalist design stand out!

Cool and Unique Gifts: Calendar Design



#6. Anything Scissors

Able to stand on their own, these scissors’ sleek design could double as an art piece. Anything Scissors are available in light grey, mint, and warm yellow.


Cool Gift Ideas: Standing Scissors



#7. goTenna Mesh

goTenna’s Mesh innovative device breaks technological barriers by allowing users to send text messages without cell service or WiFi. After pairing a phone via Bluetooth to the device, Mesh uses radio waves to send text messages to other Mesh users.

Techy Gift Ideas: goTenna Mesh text networking device



#8. Arcade Stick

Compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC, the 8BitDo Arcade Stick offers the ultimate control over your controller. The Arcade Stick is a blank canvas allowing custom button mapping, long sequence macros and even includes P1/P2 macro buttons. This Arcade Stick is every gamer’s dream!

Tech Gift Ideas: Arcade Stick



#9. Night Swannies

Although doctors recommend putting away digital devices 1-2 hours before bed, that’s an unrealistic goal for many people. Night Swannies by Swanwick offer stylish protection against blue light to ensure a good night's sleep. This is a perfect gift for every techie and gamer that can never seem to put their device down!

Tech Gift Idea: Blue light blocking Sunglasses



#10. Levitating Speaker

The Infinity Orb is a technologically innovative way to listen to music that defies gravity! This Bluetooth speaker levitates above its base, which flashes colors and can also be used without the base. The sphere even emits sound with a 3D surround effect!

Unique Gift Idea: Levitating Speakers


One day when we look back, we will see how these gifts made us feel and hopefully remind us that gifting can be all-year round! And by the way, these are all non-affiliated links. We just like these products from a design and feature perspective. If you have others to share, please add them by commenting below. Lastly, be sure to check out our other gift lists like our 10 Gifts for Graduates!



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