It's already that time when the school year is starting again. Remember how dreadful August was after such a carefree and fun couple of months? As a year like no other, let's try to help make it a little more motivating for our learners. Whether going away for school or going to the next grade, here are a few back to school gift ideas that may ease your students' life transition and spark some smiles along the way. 


#1. Portable Washing Machine

This portable washing machine is a small, compact version of a normal washer. Such portable appliances are becoming popular as they can fit in places with limited space, like a shared apartment. It has a capacity of 2 KG spin and 3.6 KG wash. Maybe having a small washing machine will make your outfit choice wiser.

Portable Washing Machine



#2. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase

The uniqueness of the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase comes from its expandability feature. The suitcase starts full size but can be compressed to become a slimline suitcase or even a smaller cabin-sized suitcase for taking on the plane. This is perfect for people who are always in different places and need to travel with their luggage on the airplane - they can have it in whatever size they need at any given time.




#3. Squeakee the Balloon Dog

Squeakee the Balloon Dog is an amazing toy that responds to your voice that can squeak by using helium gas. It's made of rubber and plastic and can be inflated with a pump. You can feed him with a pump and watch him pee and fart, all those natural things dogs do. It's a fun toy for kids where they can treat Squeakee as their pet.

Balloon Dog



#4. Gourmeia Mini Refridgerator

This portable mini fridge is perfect for your traveling plans. It has a very small size that can easily fit in the car or your boat. You can also use it at your home. It works on both AC and DC. So charge it up when you are leaving on a long trip and keep your drinks or even makeup cold throughout.

Mini Refrigerator



#5. Digital Ruler

Gone are the days when you had to use inches of tape for your measurement needs. As technology advances, the world is becoming more efficient. Meazor is an efficient and accurate measuring device that is not just useful for construction but also in other fields as well. Its amazing features make it one of the most accurate measurement devices in the market.

Round Dial



#6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Nowadays, people are in a hurry and they don't have time to clean their houses but can look at their phones all day, right? A robot vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your house or apartment by itself, without human intervention. Robot vacuum cleaners are available in many shapes, sizes, and designs with numerous features. Some are human-controlled while others can work autonomously.





#7. Oura Ring

Health is wealth. You need to keep track of how your body is feeling at any given moment of time and our Oura Ring helps you do just that. The Oura Ring has advanced sensors that offer detailed insights about your health. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. Would you like Apple watch or the Oura Ring?

Tech Ring



#8. Nest Cam

Nest Cam Indoor is a security camera that was designed for the inside of the house. It is tamper-proof, safe, and secure, so it's ideal for both homes and businesses. The Nest Cam Indoor has a lot of standout features such as 1080p full high-definition video, night vision, and a motion sensor that can detect movement up to 20 feet away. You can view live streaming footage from your smartphone or computer. How close or far away do you want to be watched?

Nest Camera



#9. Foldable Bike Helmet

The CLOSCA HELMET LOOP is a new innovative helmet for cyclists. The design of the helmet is different than other helmets because it has a loop attached to the back of the helmet which allows you to easily attach your bike lights, headphones, or anything else you need for your bike commute. This product was created with the hopes that it will save cyclist’s lives by providing them with all the tools they need effortlessly.

Bike Helmet



#10. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is the ultimate kit for any DIYer who wants to repair their gadgets themselves. The IFixit Pro Tech Toolkit has everything you need to fix any electronic device. The kit includes a variety of tools, including screwdrivers, wrenches, and a pry bar. It also includes an LCD touch screen magnifier, a headset with earbuds, and a microphone for phone calls and video chats. The Pro Tech Toolkit is perfect for people who do their repairs and want a professional toolkit to complete the job right.

Fix It Tool Set


We hope you found this back-to-school list interesting with some potential gift ideas that will aid in your students' studies and save them time to learn something more than yesterday.

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Sun Kim