We are living in a technology boom, and with all these incredible advances comes a new way of living. Gone are the days of ice boxes and clunky vacuums that don’t even empty themselves! We’re in the age of digital heated floors, lights you can control from your phone, refrigerators that can give you the weekly forecast. Technology has truly found its way into the home, allowing for a more streamlined experience so those daily tasks are less stressful and time consuming. Enjoy your time at home more with these smart home additions.


Hey Alexa, make my home a Smart Home! You’ve almost certainly heard of Alexa, Amazon’s version of, basically, a virtual assistant. You can have Alexa make your grocery lists, play your favorite song, set your alarm, tell you the weather — anything you could want, really, with just your voice. The heart of a Smart Home is an Alexa (or an Alexa-like product), so this is a great place to start if you’re looking to create your dream Smart Home. Alexa can even control other Smart Devices, and makes the perfect Smart Home hub!

Smart Thermostat

Speaking of the perfect Smart Home hub, Google’s Nest can connect a ton of smart items, including your thermostat, doorbell camera, speakers, streaming services, and even WiFi.

Heated Floors

No more leaving your warm shower and having to step on cold, unwelcoming tile. Although you can’t use your Nest thermometer for your floors, there are plenty of under-floor heating options that connect to an app on your phone.

Smart Plug

Tired of reaching for a bunch of different light switches every time you come home? A smart plug can help you streamline anything from lights to electronics. Anything plugged in can be controlled from your phone — even your Christmas tree lights.

Smart Doorbell

Peepholes are so 2010's. Next time someone is at your door, your Ring doorbell camera will let you know, and you can even talk to them through your phone. This is also great for when you’re not at home and expecting packages, or simply want to monitor your home and make sure everything’s running smoothly. It will alert you to any movement, which is sure to give any homeowner peace of mind.

Dog Camera

Leaving your pet at home is always a bummer, but the Furbo can make the experience better for both of you. Dispense treats, talk to your pet, and keep an eye on them with this digital babysitter.

Smart Refridgerator

Ever wished you could check the weather while grabbing your morning glass of OJ? A smart fridge can be your one-stop-shop — it can tell you when the foods inside expire, and can even open the doors on voice command or with a sensor if your hands are full.

Smart Lights

Lights that change color and strength with the tap of your finger or even your voice? Yes, please! Smart lights are the new lava lamps — a cool, colorful way to light your home that also makes your life so much easier. Some bulbs, like the Wyze, can even be put on schedules to dim or brighten at set points during the day, to help you out with sleeping and waking.

Smart Oven

No one enjoys sitting by their oven, waiting and watching to make sure their food doesn’t burn. A smart oven alerts you via your phone when your food is at the perfect temperature, letting you go about your day as your meal cooks without having to worry. Some smart ovens also come with cooking instructions to help you become a culinary master.

Smart Coffee Maker

Waking up to a fresh cup of coffee without having to lift a finger sounds like heaven. Luckily, smart coffee makers can easily turn this dream into reality.

Robot Vacuum

Don’t sweep your floor anymore — let the robot do it for you. The Roomba, and similar products, can map your home and clean the floors on their own. Some can even empty themselves so there’s one less step in your Sunday cleaning routine you have to deal with.

Sleep Number Bed

You deserve your best nights sleep, but that can be hard when you share your bed, or your bed needs to change with injury or even preference. A Sleep Number bed lets you adjust your side of the bed to your perfect firmness, height, and even temperature, for your perfect night of rest. The fanciest smart beds even track your sleeping quality.

Smart Toilet

No more fighting over putting the toilet seat down. A smart toilet will automatically open and close the lid and seat with a wave of your hand over the sensor. And can you say heated toilet seat? A nightlight and self-cleaning function might just make your smart toilet your new favorite appliance.

Smart Scale

Speaking of incredible bathroom appliances, a smart scale not only measures your weight, but can also detect body fat percentage, bone density, heart rate, and more. You can even sync it to your health app on your phone for easy access and tracking.

Are you ready to set up your smart home? What appliances are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments — we always love to hear from you! For more ideas of awesome tech to add to your collection, check out one of our gift guides.



Cleo Egnal
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