Clubhouse is still around even though the podcasters I'm listening to are suggesting that the app has cooled these past few months. I'm sure monetization is on the horizon for rooms with large following, marching in step with other social media platforms. Again, below are some Clubhouse gems that you may find helpful. Apologies for the inability to provide attributions, as people speak very fast! 


#1. "Freedom of speech shouldn't be freedom of reach"



#2. "Don't spam hashtags on TikTok, use about 3 hastags"



#3. "To each their own - there isn't one size fit all in social media"



#4. "Connect and enjoy your silent Monday"



#5. "Keep polishing your diamond"



#6. "There's a lot of overnight experts on clubhouse"



#7. "Surprise and delight in your emails"



#8. "Linkedin just released "cover stories" a 20sec video"



#9. "70% of the pizza orders are placed on the phone"



#10. "Dental industry is something insane like $140B industry"



Has there been a favorite saying that you've heard either on Clubhouse or anywhere else? If so, we hope you'll share in the comments below.

I'm finished speaking. ;)


Sun Kim
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