History of Drones

Drone Evolution

You’ve probably seen a drone, small and zipping overhead. We use them to take stunning aerial shots, kids fly them for fun, soldiers deploy them in war. But drones weren’t always the flying wonders we know today.
May 23, 2023 — STORY SPARK Staff
Earth Hour - when sustainability and tech meet

Earth Hour: When Sustainability and Technology Meet

You’ve probably heard of Earth Day, the worldwide holiday on April 22 that celebrates the Earth, and brings awareness to sustainability and environmental issues. But did you know there's an Earth Hour?
April 04, 2023 — Cleo Egnal
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Make 2023 Your Year by Setting Goals

Make 2023 YOUR Year

It’s pretty common to make a list of New Year's resolutions — things you want for yourself for the coming year, anticipated projects or goals, anything that you wish to accomplish. As a small business...
March 09, 2023 — STORY SPARK Staff
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Communicating with Emojis

Can We Effectively Communicate Using Emojis?

It seems that with the advancement of technology has come a new form of communication — the ever-evolving language of emojis. But can we really effectively communicate using emojis?
February 14, 2023 — Cleo Egnal
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5 tips for avoiding computer viruses

5 Tips For Avoiding Computer Viruses in 2023

It’s not always easy to spot a virus or scam, and you may not know how to protect yourself. Here are some top tips for avoiding computer viruses and keeping all your valuable information safe and sound!
December 06, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
How to Make a List - benefits of List Making

Benefits Of List Making

Did you know that making lists is extremely beneficial to your productivity and success? Take a look at our blog post here to find out exactly how list-making helps you succeed.
October 25, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
Decentralized Autonomous Organization

What is DAO?

As technology continues to expand, our vocabulary constantly needs updating. How many times have you gone to read the news and couldn’t wrap your head around the latest big move in tech? Check out our blog post to learn about DAO and expand your tech knowledge.
October 11, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
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How to care for your Story Spark graphic t-shirt

How to Care for Your Story Spark Graphic T-Shirt

The best part about quality clothing is that it can last a lifetime, as long as you know how to care for it. Luckily, we’re here to help.
September 27, 2022 — STORY SPARK Staff
Peace in a Tech-heavy World

How to Achieve Peace In A Tech-Heavy World

What are the different practices you can implement in your daily life that will help you de-stress and feel more fulfilled and connected with the real world?
September 20, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
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Discord Explained Briefly

Discord Explained Briefly

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time online in the last few years, you’ve probably started hearing about Discord, the app taking the gaming world by storm. But what exactly is Discord, and why has it become so popular?
August 01, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
James Webb Space Telescope release

The Truth is Out There

On July 12, 2022, we will have a whole new understanding of the universe, thanks to the first official images from the James Webb Telescope. But why is this new telescope so important, and how will it change things for us?
July 12, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
History of Boba

How Boba Got Its Groove

You might know it as bubble tea, pearl milk tea, or simply boba. But where did Boba start, and how did it become one of the most popular drinks outside its country of origin?
June 02, 2022 — Cleo Egnal
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